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Contact: Amanda Stokes
Spyglass, Inc.
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Spyglass Ships Prism 2.1 Internet Content Delivery Platform

Latest Technology Release Adds Value to Any Data Service, Including Wireless, Television or Laptop Computing

LAS VEGAS - Tuesday, October 13, 1998 - Spyglass Inc. (NASDAQ: SPYG) announced today at Wireless IT '98 the availability of Spyglass Prism 2.1, the content delivery platform that improves commercial data services by dynamically converting standard Internet content into formats that match the specific requirements of any access device, including laptop computers, handheld PCs, television systems and mobile phones.

By optimizing Web content for the access device, Spyglass Prism 2.1:

  • eliminates many of the problems that arise when Web pages are displayed on a television;
  • consistently improves the Internet access performance of Windows CE-based handheld computers by a factor of four;
  • uses a "content extraction" feature that selectively chooses only the relevant information from a Web page, opens the door to delivering Web content to devices like pagers, cell phones, and --through text-to-speech technology - standard voice-only phones.

    Spyglass Prism 2.1 is now up to 3.5 times faster than its previous version due to improvements in cache access speed and memory management. Other enhancements include new routines for the conversion of progressive JPEGs, selection of image quality, increased flexibility in configuring SurfWatch filtering, and support for multiple Japanese character sets. As with earlier releases, Spyglass Prism 2.1 is easily installed on either Windows NT 4.0 or Solaris 2.5.1 servers.

    "Spyglass Prism has been a very successful product, because we have recognized our customers' need for a product that is customizable and flexible," said Jack Armstrong, Spyglass director of Internet solutions. "These enhancements to Spyglass Prism are in response to our customers wanting the total solution to meet their needs in delivering high quality data services regardless of the access device. We have also recognized the explosive market potential for non-PC devices and someone will need to deliver Internet content to them. Spyglass offers a solution designed to exclusively solve this challenge."

    The key new features include:

  • Performance Improvements: Changes have been made to the caching functionality that allows for better performance and support for a larger cache. Changes to memory management have also produced significant performance gains. Spyglass Prism 2.1 is up to 3.5 times faster than version 2.01. Through testing, Spyglass Prism 2.1 has shown it is capable of handling 2 million requests per day with a peak load of 1,250 concurrent users.
  • Converting Progressive JPEGs: To accommodate the significant number of progressive JPEGs on the Web that either cannot be interpreted by a device or are too time consuming on the wireless network, Spyglass Prism 2.1 will convert these to static images.
  • Optimize for speed or image quality: Administrators can select between quality and performance when scaling images to their device. However, scaling images can be very processing intensive. This feature allows administrators the option of choosing how they want to process images.
  • Greater Filtering: Through the use of SurfWatch filters, it is possible to set up a custom list of sites that Spyglass Prism should block. If administrators want to be more restrictive, they can block the entire Internet, except for a list of sites they specify. Administrators will also be able to customize SurfWatch filters by blocking or allowing individual sites.
  • Japanese Support: Spyglass Prism 2.1 can now perform conversions on JIS-encoded HTML documents.

    About Spyglass
    Spyglass (NASDAQ: SPYG) provides Internet expertise, software and services for making devices work with the Web. Particularly active in the cable and satellite television, wireless telecommunications, consumer electronics and office equipment markets, Spyglass solutions are used by market-leading companies including GTE, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Thomson Consumer Electronics (RCA) and Xerox. Spyglass headquarters are located at 1240 East Diehl Rd., Naperville, Ill., 60563; phone: 630.245.6512; fax: 630.245.6693; press email inquiries: [email protected]; Web site: http://www.spyglass.com.


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