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The Corporation of London has opened the new Guildhall Art Gallery creating a permanent home for its art collection for the first time since the original Guildhall Art Gallery was destroyed during the Second World War. Multimedia kiosks designed by LGC will provide visitors with access to COLLAGE; (Corporation of London Library and Art Gallery Electronic) an image database system of the Corporation's collection.

In addition to approximately 250 works on display in the gallery, the three kiosks, providing access to the COLLAGE database, will mean that an additional 30,000 items from the Corporation of London's art collection and library selection of prints and maps are also available for viewing on-screen.

An increasing number of museums and galleries are utilising the benefits of touchscreen kiosks to provide increased public access to vast collections, where only a small portion can be on display at any one time. With conservation an increasingly relevant concern, the other advantage of kiosks is that digital images of works of art can be viewed in detail, without the damage occurring that repeated exposure causes to the original.


The Corporation of London said: "We drew on LGC's wealth of experience to produce kiosks which have been discretely designed to compliment the gallery's interior by incorporating similar materials to the surroundings, to avoid dominating the other displays."

In more than a decade of experience with major projects LGC Associates have established a position at the forefront of kiosk design and development in Europe. Working in partnership with computer hardware companies, software developers, systems integrators and multimedia users, LGC Associates provide custom design kiosks or standard products to suit specific audiences and locations. LGC is an approved supplier to a large number of leading companies.


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