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WildTangent, Inc. Acquires Eclipse Technologies.

WildTangent and Eclipse raise bar on delivering multimedia technology over the Internet.

Redmond, Washington and Austin, Texas October 25, 1999: WildTangent, a leader in streaming multimedia technology for the Internet, announced the acquisition of the Eclipse Entertainment technology. The acquisition was carried out for an undisclosed sum of cash and WildTangent equity. Eclipse Entertainment is best-known for its leading edge 3D engine which has one of the most powerful real-time character animation systems and 3D world authoring tools in the industry. The Eclipse development team has relocated to WildTangent's Redmond headquarters where they have joined WildTangent in the task of fusing the Genesis 3D engine with WildTangent's web driver.

The Genesis3D engine is a powerful real-time 3D engine supporting functi onality that rivals anything found in the most popular 3D titles. Its accompanying authoring tools enable developers and web designers to graphically author 3D content and animation without programming. Combining these solutions with the hardware acceleration, data compression, and support of standard scripting languages and development tools offered by WildTangent's web driver will create the most powerful and compact medium ever built for authoring and delivering leading edge hardware-accelerated multimedia content over the Internet. Mike Sandige, vice-president of technology development at WildTangent and former vice-president of R&D at Eclipse, states, "WildTangent is making it possible for any developer to create incredible multimedia applications and web pages. This has tremendous ramifications for all Internet content. By incorporating the Genesis3D engine into the WildTangent web driver, we are revolutionizing Internet UI."

WildTangent's president and co-founder, Alex St. John states, "Combining our technologies will enable us to create a more powerful solution for delivering streaming multimedia content over the Internet. Very shortly, it will no longer make sense for multimedia content developers to create applications any other way. The most popular multimedia technologies on the Internet today have been obsolete in the consumer market for over six years. It's time that web content and applications reached the quality and performance that consumers are accustomed to receiving from titles delivered on CD-ROM-and we're going to deliver it."

The Eclipse web sites, including www.genesis3D.com and www.hollywood3d.com, will be integrated into the WildTangent web site, www.wildtangent.com, over the coming months. Further information on the recent acquisition and future product plans can be found on WildTangent's web site at http://www.wildtangent.com/company. About WildTangentO

WildTangentO, a privately held company located in Redmond, Washington, pursues the vision of building a richer, more communicative Internet experience through the use of 3D graphics, sound, animation, and interactivity. WildTangent launched its web driver version 1.0 last month. Additional company and product information is posted on the WildTangentO web site at http://www.wildtangent.com.

Note to editors: For more information regarding WildTangentO and WildTangentO technologies, contact: Alyson Robin, Director of Marketing at WildTangent, 425.882.7963, ext. 31 or visit the WildTangent web site at website.

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