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Spyglass Ships Latest Version of Industry Leading Spyglass Device Mosaic
Web Browser Technology for Digital Cable, Satellite Television, Wireless
and Other Non-PC Products

New Features Include JavaScript, SSL and Email Integration; Motorola
Will Use in Blackbird Digital TV Platform; Nokia Will Use in Digital TV

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Tuesday, November 3, 1998 - Spyglass“ Inc. (NASDAQ:
SPYG) announced today the immediate availability of Spyglass Device
Mosaic 3.1, a full-featured, small footprint Web browser technology,
designed to serve as an application platform for digital cable,
satellite, wireless, and other non-PC products.  Unlike traditional Web
browsers, Spyglass Device Mosaic has been built in such a way that
additional applications such as email, television channel guides, or
customer care services can be built using the same core Internet
functionality that powers the browser. Spyglass is demonstrating this
technology here at the Embedded Systems Conference in booth #1636.

The latest features to be added to the Spyglass browser are support for
JavaScript and SSL 3.0, as well as easy integration with Spyglass Device
Mail 3.1, the company's new email product also announced today.  Even
with the enhancements, Spyglass Device Mosaic remains well under one
megabyte, which is as much as 20 times smaller than similarly equipped
desktop browsers.  In non-PC environments, such as cable television
set-top boxes, memory is at a premium.  Consequently, applications must
be kept small and the ability to re-use pieces of technology throughout
many applications, as is the case with Spyglass Device Mosaic, is a
valuable benefit that keeps memory costs down and improves the overall
quality of individual applications.

 Spyglass supports the browser technology release with Spyglass
Professional Services, a full engineering practice.  This group is
responsible for delivering everything from custom implementations of the
Spyglass Device Mosaic browser to full end-to-end Internet solutions for
specific markets such as television or wireless communications.  These
engineers are deployed directly to Spyglass customers and are also
available for supporting customer's own OEM projects.

Both Motorola and Nokia have been shipped the latest version of the
browser technology.  Motorola will integrate it with their Blackbird
digital TV platform and Nokia will integrate it with their digital TV
set-top box offering.  The new features are particularly important in
the television market: JavaScript because it makes it possible for users
to interact dynamically with Web sites and SSL because it provides the
security necessary to make electronic commerce viable.  In addition, the
ability to integrate with Spyglass Device Mail gives the boxes access to
the most popular of all Internet services, email.

According to Spyglass General Manager Randy Littleson, adding the new
features will help drive customer acceptance of Internet access on
devices other than personal computers.

"Communications, interactivity, and commerce are the reasons the Web has
and will continue to be a force in the marketplace," said Littleson.
"Our latest technology release enables all three while remaining true to
the small memory size that made us attractive to manufacturers in the
first place."

Spyglass customers Motorola and Nokia agree that the functionality
provides important additions to their respective product offerings.

"Initially, Motorola was looking for browsing technology that ran in low
memory conditions," said Ray Burgess, vice president and assistant
general manager of Motorola's Consumer Systems Group.  "But for the
Blackbird multimedia platform to be successful, we need more than a
generic browser.  We need robust interactivity and access to additional
services, such as email and e-commerce.  Spyglass Device Mosaic gives us
that and still does not adversely impact our memory footprint."

About Spyglass Device Mosaic
Spyglass Device Mosaic is a full-featured Web browser that maintains a
code size of well under one megabyte.  Out of the box, it is fully HTML
3.2 compliant with support for JavaScript, SSL, frames, tables, and JPEG
and animated GIF images.  In addition, it can be extended to include
support for technologies such as XML, Java, and streaming media
protocols such as RTSP.  The browser technology has been specifically
designed to enable fast, straightforward user interface customizations.
The ability to create a specialized look and feel that can be adapted to
particular customer needs has been a key feature in attracting potential
customers.  These customizations can also include using the core browser
technology to implement other applications, such as email (Spyglass
Device Mail) or a television electronic programming guide.

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