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Spyglass Announces Immediate Availability of Device Mail 3.1, Small
Footprint Email Product for Televisions, Mobile Phones and Handheld

Motorola is First Announced Customer

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - Tuesday, November 3, 1998 - Spyglass“ Inc. (NASDAQ:
SPYG) today announced the availability of a new embedded email product
for consumer devices such as televisions, mobile phones and handheld
computers.  Built specifically for consumer electronics manufacturers,
Spyglass Device Mail 3.1 is a standards-based, embedded email client
that requires very little memory and can be easily integrated into
existing consumer electronic product lines.  Spyglass is demonstrating
this technology here at the Embedded Systems Conference in booth #1636.

The first announced customer is Motorola.  Motorola will add the email
functionality to their Blackbird Multimedia Platform.

Spyglass Device Mail is based on the same embedded Internet client
architecture as Spyglass Device Mosaic, the industry-leading small
footprint browser for non-PC devices.  Spyglass also announced today the
immediate availability of Spyglass Device Mosaic 3.1, designed to serve
as an application platform for digital cable, satellite, wireless, and
other non-PC products.  Because it shares the same graphics library as
Spyglass Device Mosaic - the Spyglass ThinGUI - Spyglass Device Mail
maintains a consistent look and feel with the browser application.

 By sharing the graphics library and some other components with the
browser, as is the case in the Motorola Blackbird, the overall memory
budget is kept down.  In non-PC environments, such as cable television
set-top boxes, memory is at a premium.  Consequently, applications must
be kept small and the ability to re-use pieces of technology throughout
many applications, as is the case with Spyglass Device Mail and Spyglass
Device Mosaic, is a valuable benefit in terms of both size and
application quality.

Analysts continue to point to email as the key reason consumers use the
Internet.  According to a recent survey from Yankee Group, 69 percent of
online users rank email as the most important online application.

"Spyglass Device Mail allows consumer electronics manufacturers to
integrate the Internet's 'killer-app' across multiple appliances," says
Spyglass General Manager Randy Littleson, "Email is still the number one
reason why consumers get on-line and stay on-line."

Spyglass Device Mail is available as both a standalone product or as a
companion to Spyglass' industry leading embedded Web browser, Spyglass
Device Mosaic.  Spyglass is also currently providing manufacturers with
custom engineering resources, through Spyglass Professional Services, to
add Spyglass Device Mail to their products.

Spyglass Device Mail is designed for the embedded or real-time operating
systems that are already commonly used by consumer electronics and
office equipment manufacturers.  Consequently, the email functionality
can be added without requiring a re-design of the product to accommodate

"Most manufacturers are already working with the same companies we are
-- ISI, Microware, Lynx, Microsoft, PowerTV or Wind River," continued
Littleson.  "With Spyglass Device Mail, we bring them the functionality
they need on technology that they are already using.  Our customers are
interested in adding features, not necessarily in adding new and
expensive core competencies to get those features."

Device Mail supports the major Internet messaging standards, SMTP and
IMAP4, and can be extended to support POP3.  Because it is
standards-based, televisions or mobile phones with Spyglass Device Mail
will be able to work with any ISP and not require a proprietary dial-up
network.  A customer's TV could also talk to a mail server at a person's
place of work, making it possible to easily integrate home email
accounts with professional ones, eliminating the need for multiple
accounts - a major drawback to some current Internet device email

Spyglass Device Mail was built from the ground up for devices, not
stripped down from the desktop environment.  As a result, the features
most relevant for consumer electronics were built first, and the overall
size of the product was not inflated with inappropriate functionality.

"Tremendous demand exists for an email package that is truly meant to be
integrated with devices," said Littleson.  "Whether companies simply
want the line on the box that says 'comes with email' or they are
looking to bundle email with a complete Web browsing package, we can
meet those needs."

About Spyglass Device Mail:
∑ Small Footprint -- Mail clients for devices need to be small.
Spyglass Device Mail is under half a megabyte, which will reduce the
overall cost of manufacturing the device.
∑ Standards Based -- Supports Internet messaging standards, meaning any
Internet Service Provider (ISP) can provide connectivity, billing and
mail service.
∑ Flexible -- Provides the flexibility necessary to customize the user
interface, add special functionality or extend the core mail
architecture for specific needs through well-documented API calls,
architecture description, and commented source code.
∑ Portable -- Integrates easily with existing hardware because it is
designed to work with many of the operating systems and chipsets already
found on devices.

Spyglass Professional Services
Easily ported to a variety of popular real-time operating systems,
Spyglass Device Mail enables device manufacturers to add electronic
messaging to products quickly, cutting development dollars and sharply
reducing time-to-market.  Depending on customer needs, from customizing
a feature set, integrating with hardware or mail servers, or porting
Spyglass Device Mail to a new platform, Spyglass Professional Services
Division is available to help customers get projects done fast and

Run times, customer support and customization work through Spyglass
Professional Services Group are priced according to license volume and
scope of work.

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