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Siemens Business Services recruits over 25 consultants to support launch of
its new R/3 LIVE Express business 

 All new recruits to complete formal four-month training before appointment
as R/3 LIVE Express consultants

Siemens Business Services has recruited 27 R/3 consultants to support its
new R/3 LIVE Express business, formed to provide the UK SME sector with a 
fixed-cost, fast-track SAP R/3 implementation service. All 27 recruits are
currently undergoing a four-month Siemens R/3 LIVE Express training
programme and on completion, will work alongside senior R/3 consultants
implementing fixed-price R/3 projects within a three-month timescale for SME

"We're offering a quality implementation service, so we've put together a
high quality training programme for our new consultants to ensure they have
the necessary skills to match our high expectations," commented Girish
Parmar, Head of Siemens Business Services' R/3 LIVE Express business. "R/3
LIVE Express is a fast-track implementation service, so our consultants will
need a wide range of skills to help our SME customers be up and running
within three months. In addition to basic R/3 skills, we've invested
significantly to ensure that all our R/3 LIVE Express consultants have the
right business and team-related skills to make our Express projects a success."

Siemens R/3 LIVE Express recruited 27 new consultants after a lengthy
selection procedure which involved 400 applicants and 150 interviews. All
the recruits have relevant degrees in areas such as Accounting, Business,
Production, Manufacturing or Technology, and all have appropriate work
experience. When trained, the new R/3 LIVE Express consultants will split
into teams of five or six and will work with senior R/3 LIVE Express
consultants on fast-track implementation projects.

The new Siemens Business Services' R/3 LIVE Express business builds on the
success of the company's existing R/3 LIVE Division, which has grown
significantly over the last five years to become one of the UK's leading SAP
R/3 implementation partners. This has included major projects for
international organisations such as Rothmans and Cadbury Schweppes, and
currently includes projects in the retail, financial services, manufacturing
and service industries. The R/3 LIVE approach enables UK organisations to
source all their core business systems and services requirements through a
single supplier.

R/3 LIVE Express is part of Siemens Business Services, one of the UK's
fastest-growing information technology services and outsourcing companies.
It combines business process and project management strengths with the
technology and financial strengths of the Siemens Group to provide a
powerful range of IT, workflow and outsourcing services to the public
sector, financial institutions and commercial organisations. UK customers
include the Home Office's Immigration and Nationality Directorate (IND), the
Welsh Office, the UK Passport Agency and Coventry City Council. 

For more information
Please contact: Paul Crowe
                R/3 LIVE Express
                Siemens Business Services
                Tel:  01344 862222
                Lynn Ako
                Siemens Business Services
                Tel: 0181 479 7922
                [email protected] 

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