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iCom explodes onto New York scene with Internet Kiosks

NEW YORK, NEW YORK - San Diego based iCom Network, Inc. announced today it has formed an alliance with New York based Telephone Technologies, Inc. to expand its Internet Kiosk network throughout the New York area. "The businesses of New York need this valuable service and we are in a position to supply it with the use of iComís system", says Steven Blidner, C.E.O. of Telephone Technologies.

iCom Network has provided pay-per-use public Internet kiosks to businesses throughout Southern California since March of 1997. The kiosk system offers customers the ability to "Surf the Internet", send & receive e-mail, access America Online, and play numerous games for pleasure. A user can pay to use the system with a major credit card or U.S. paper currency. "We give everyone in the world access to the Internet for as little as a single dollar bill", exclaims Mike Price, Marketing and Sales Director of iCom.

This newest alliance with Telephone Technologies marks the most recent announcement on iComís aggressive expansion throughout the U.S. Thus far, iComís Internet Kiosk system can be found in over 15 states and 3 countries. "We are very excited to have an alliance with a company in the largest city in the U.S. who share the same customer service values we do", exclaims Price. New York based Telephone Technologies has been in the public communications business since 1991.

For more information on iComís Internet Kiosk system, contact iCom at 1-800-575-2771, or visit them on the Internet at www.icomnetwork.com

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