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= [email protected] DISCUSSION LIST ========================

Don't forget that we also provide a free e-mail discussion list for
producers, directors, script-writers and other media professionals with an
interest in voiceover work and production.

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= SERVICES FOR PRODUCERS =============================

If you are a producer, director, script-writer, advertising agency -
who's involved with choosing voice talent for their productions remember
that www.voiceovers.co.uk can help.

We are not an agency: This is an important point - we do not charge
producers to use our search facility, as the site is financed by
subscription fees from the voices themselves.  Because we are not an
we do not book the voices on the producers behalf, but we are able to:-

- Distribute project briefs to the talent listed at voiceovers.co.uk

  If you have an outline of a project and simply want to gauge response,
costings, availability and suitability all you need to do is send an e-mail
to [email protected] and we will forward it to the relevant voices.

- Request showreels on your behalf

  If you need to receive updated showreels from the talent at
voiceovers.co.uk, or would like to receive demos from voices that meet a
specific criteria (eg. all female; Australian accent; Access to ISDN etc.
etc.) then send your needs to [email protected] and we will filter the
necessary voices for you.

We are also able to provide details of UK studios, ISDN relays and other
utilities and facilities.

= NEWS FROM THE VOICES THEMSELVES ====================

Enough of me blabbing on! - I asked the voices at voiceovers.co.uk to send
me their news... This makes really interesting reading - so here we go!

=> News from  R A Y   B R O W N  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/listings/rayb1.html
=> Professional Section

Ray is busy making his next series of documentary features for |BBC Radio
  Called DOWN TO EARTH the five features will be broadcast over the final
week in January 2000.    However he has had time in the past few weeks to
upgrade his microphones, become adept with MP3, add a CD writer to his
direct one play and perform in another, and voice the English commentary
an Italian film.

=> News from  J A C K   R O B E R T S  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/jack.roberts
=> Professional Section

"It's been a busy and exciting year of narration for Jack -- as the
"Storyteller" for over 30 hours of coast-to-coast US television
Subjects have ranged from history to wildlife to light entertainment, and
several of the programs have achieved record high ratings for networks like
PBS, Discovery, TLC, Animal Planet, and Arts and Entertainment.

Jack has also voiced several national and international advertising
campaigns for major advertisers which are either airing now or are in media

On the  promo front, Jack has voiced Frasier, Seinfeld, Mad About You, and
many other show and film promos for Showtime networks around the world."

=> News from T A N Y A   R I C H  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/tanya.rich
=> Professional Section

Sma tv commercial having it's 4th repeat in two years. Just been chosen as
the voice of Cribs Causeway shopping Centre in Bristol. Forte hotels now
have me on all there phone systems, worldwids, including Heritage hotels.
Recent a/v work for Amnesty (for their annual world-wide conference)
ident voice for century 106.

=> News from  L I S A   H A R T W E L L  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/lisa.hartwell
=> Professional Section

Lisa Hartwell has returned from her travels around Australia and is now
available for voiceover work in the U.K.

Her style is particularly suitable for youth-orientated projects but she
experience in a wide range of applications including educational and

Audio can be recorded onto CD, Minidisc or DAT in a private studio, or via
ISDN if required.

=> News from  J A C K   P A R N E L L  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/international/jackp1.html
=> Professional Section

I'm now in the middle of a medical teaching series narration, to be
used by a medical university, consisting of 19 video tapes in one
series and 13 in another.  Much fun and great challenge reading all the
medical terms, especially names of chemicals and making it sound like
I know what I'm talking about!

I also did narration tour for "World War II Seen Thru Russian Eyes"
exhibit, which was extremely interesting.

Just finished a series of videos for FedEx for their special worldwide
meetings involving their high-tech people.

Just finished a series of network radio commercials for The Legacy Group
and Safe Trek Outfitters, as well as a :60 second network spot for
Grundig Radio's YB400 receiver.

Just finished video narration for AGATE, which is the
government/industry/academia partnership for testing and certifying
new composite materials for the aircraft industry.

Just finished tv voiceover for Towery Press for national spot buy.

Numerous local/regional voiceovers/narrations too.

Yes, I've been busy, but not busy enough!  I'd love to work for you
soon...and OFTEN

=> News from  P E T E R   D I C K S O N  follows
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/peter.dickson
=> Professional Section

1999 has been a good year for Peter for documentaries, TV commercials and
live radio.
His documentary narration credits this year include "Lenin - The Secret
Files" for BBC 2's Timewatch strand, "Astronaut", "Hoover Dam", "Blast
"The Bald Truth", "Napoleon Murder Mystery", "Sharks of the deep blue sea",
"Flying Challenge" and the 13 part series "Twisted Tales" for the Discovery
Channel, "All Mod Cons" and "Ready to Wear" for Wall to Wall TV for BBC 2,
40 part historical documentary series called "The Millenium Minute" and the
17 X 60 minute "World War Two - The Complete History", for Flat Earth Films
Movietone, a series which has since been sold to 40 countries worldwide.
Peter has recently completed a series of live music and entertainment shows
for BBC Radio 2, which he described as exausting but great fun, adding "It
was great to go back and do live radio again". His voice has been recently
heard on the New series of Bruce's Price is Right on ITV, on Network TV ads
for Walkers Crisps, Rowntrees, Orbit Gum, and Dulux Paints and promoting
programmes on BBC 1 & 2, ITV, Channels 4 & 5, Cartoon Network, UK Gold,
Disney,Nickleodeon, National Geographic, UK Horizon, G Sky B and Challenge

=> News from JILL WOOD
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/jill.wood
=> Starting Out/Aspiring Section

Jill has just landed a part in a training video. The parts quite short -
only 28 words!  Jill takes the role of a reporter in a helicopter.  You
might get to hear it in her new showreel which is due out in a couple of

As well as a multitude of voices, Jill has quite a few other talents.  She
is a freelance writer of features, news stories and rare poetry.  Jill has
done some scriptwriting and knows how to write to time and for speech.  She
can also edit and proof-read.  Some of the topics she has written about
include; horses, cats, natural mothering, white goods, naturism (no she's
not!), Tetrapak, town criers, spot creams, canal boats, and skydive

Jill spends some of her spare time dowsing, both with the rod and the
pendulum, although not at the same time!
She says any reader booking her for a voice job during the month of
can have a free dowsing session ( - I assume that's UK only - Paul!) or a
bespoke poem, done for them - once payment has been made for the recording
session naturally!

=> News from DAVE MORRIS
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/new
=> Starting Out/Aspiring Section

Dave Morris is based in Leicester in the East Midlands. He specialises in
offering various services to recording studios, TV companies and radio
.Examples of services are radio script writing, promotional script work and
voice overs for both TV and radio work. Dave is a qualified teacher of 20
years experience in  Primary education and has 10 years broadcast

Dave is educated to degree level and is also a licensed radio amateur,
as well as being in charge of Information Technology Education at the
school he works at. He has a wide knowledge of multi media applications and
their use in appropriate fields of communication. Dave is currently
in implementing an NGFL ( National Grid for Learning ) initiative at his
school, allowing web access to all pupils from Nursery through to KS2. Dave
can offer vocal ages for producers ranging from twenties through to middle
age. His voice is mid range with a clear vocal delivery. He can offer a
Scottish accent aswell as a host of "odd" cartoon like offerings. For the
American producer an eloquent English aristocratic voice can be produced.

Dave is a new talent on the circuit and as of yet is not ISDN linked. He
10 years of broadcast experience at Hospital Radio Fox based in Leicester.
He has voiced commercials for numerous RSL stations in the East Midlands.
Work has included voice ident work for B.B.C. local radio. Recent work has
included presenter ident work for Cross Rhythms Astra Satellite, Sky Sports
1 Channel, 7.38 Mhz.

His work as a Primary teacher has allowed him much experience in narrating
children's stories and producing scripted material for performance. Dave
much experience in presenting radio programmes on various RSL stations
ding NOW FM 87.7( Serving the Neighbourhoods of Oadby and Wigston ) , BIG
DIAL RADIO ( Serving Market Harborough ) and recently THE WALL 97.1 FM
Serving the City of Leicester).

=> News from TALI ISERLES
=> http://www.voiceovers.co.uk/new
=> Starting Out/Aspiring Section

Greetings and hallucinations!
I've been a busy bee over the past year, writing and taking pics for five
magazines, creating havoc on the wheels of steel once a week as DJ
Delicious, and making my TV presenting debut on Red TV. Whew! Not to
a fun-filled trip Down Under which found me writing an article for the
"Guardian", stroking furry marsupials, guesting on two Melbourne radio
stations (Triple R and Joy Melbourne) and going clubbing with a mission -
review the Aussie scene for Ministry of Sound online. It's a hard life!

My nickname at the BBC (where I produced a radio youth show and presented
features and trailers for a number of different programmes) was Little Miss
Chatterbox - so a career where I'm actually encouraged to use my voice is
perfect for the girl who was forced to do a sponsored silence at Secondary


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