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Companion Systems Design + Manufacturing
Amy Burks
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Companion Systems' Ticketing Kiosk Deployed at Park City Mountain Resort

(November 6, 2001 - Salt Lake City, UT) When skiers and snowboarders head for the slopes of Park City Mountain Resort this season, getting lift tickets will be even easier, thanks to a series of interactive kiosks recently installed by the resort near ticket windows.

"The kiosks provide a quick and easy way (for customers) who know what they want and where they are going to purchase a lift ticket with their credit card," said Kyle LaMalfa of Park City Mountain Resort.

Park City Mountain Resort purchased the custom-branded ticketing kiosks from Companion Systems, a kiosk enclosure manufacturer based in North Salt Lake. The units mount to an exterior wall to conserve space, housing the hardware components inside the building. The kiosk integrates a touch screen monitor, credit card reader, and printers for tickets and receipts. Companion Systems customized the kiosk to complement the corporate image of Park City Mountain Resort, the interactive software application, and the installation environment.

"Companion Systems specializes in producing well-branded enclosures. For Park City Mountain Resort, we created an eye-catching, appealing unit that will help attract users to purchase lift tickets while complementing the existing ticke t windows," said Amy Burks, Director of Marketing for Companion Systems. "It is an added bonus to be able to showcase our new ticketing kiosk product locally with Park City Mountain Resort."

Volunteers on the plaza at the Resort will direct skiers and snowboarders to the ticketing kiosks and will be trained to provide assistance. Tickets will be available 24 hours a day through the kiosks. During the off-season, the units will provide information to resort visitors.

Resort Technology Partners developed the software application for the kiosk and has integrated it directly with the point-of-sale systems they provide for Park City Mountain Resort's manned ticket windows.

About Companion Systems
Companion Systems Design & Manufacturing, Inc., based in Salt Lake City, is a leader in the design and production of brand-enhancing, interactive products. With nearly 20 years in the retail imaging business, Companion Systems has designed products for diverse businesses in the U.S. and around the world. From self-service kiosks, ATM enclosures, ATM sur rounds, architectural fixtures, modular mini branches and signage, Companion Systems brings superior quality to its interactive kiosks and ATM environments. More information is available at www.companionsystems.com.


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