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Benjamin J. Wheeler
Arral Industries Inc.
2101 Carrillo Privado
Ontario, Ca. 91761
Phone: 909-947-6585
[email protected]

Arral Industries Makes Software Alliance

Ontario, California - November 8, 2001 - Arral™ a major player in the Computer Based Kiosk Industries is taking a proactive stance in regards to developing and having in place several new technologies that can be incorporated into Arral™ Kiosks.

Arral Industries has taken steps to Co-Brand the Arral™ Trademark with some of the best companies in the Kiosk Industry. Recently, Arral Industries signed a Marketing agreement with Danville, California based software Development Company SmartMedia Partners Inc.

SMARTMedia Partners is a leading provider of interactive media custom-created for the educational, non-profit/public sector, as well as private organizations whose primary focus is on helping individuals or the community. Specializing in the development of touchscreen kiosks, websites, educational CD-ROMs, video productions, public service announcements/commercials and online curriculum, SMARTMedia is able to provide unique, appealing and intuitive solutions for educational institutions, organizations, health care providers, intra-agency collaboratives and government agencies.

Arral Industries, which is based in Ontario, California, has partnered with leaders in the Kiosk Industry to provide cutting edge technologies in their wide variety of kiosk models and offerings. Arral™ has put into place working kiosk models that include VoIP (Voice Over IP), Wireless Internet Service, RF Wireless LAN Connectivity, Demographics Capture Software, and Electronic Paper Ticketing Printing technologies. Arral™ has chosen to take this approach to developing kiosk applications so that they will have on-hand tried and trued kiosk solutions.

Ben Wheeler, Arral Industries' Sales and Marketing Director said, "We are no longer going to wait for the customer to call looking for a solution that we will have to then go off and research. We are going to become the experts in the various fields that make good business sense to pursue.

For information: http://www.arral.com or
Contact: [email protected]
Phone: 909-947-6585

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