Press Release

Press Release
November 12, 1999

Larry Mahar
Exec VP Marketing
562-626-8200, ext. 111


TouchVision Launches it's New Plasma Display Kiosk

TouchVision announced today the launch of the newest in its popular line of interactive touchscreen kiosks. The new design fully integrates a 42-inch gas plasma display by NEC. This product is targeted for use in advertising and promotion-based kiosk network deployments in the retail, tourism and entertainment industries. TouchVision deployed the first network of the Plasma Deluxe kiosks last month in 8 major resort hotels in the Caribbean. Other units are scheduled to be deployed in Orlando and other Caribbean Islands.

The brilliant 42-inch high-definition plasma display is mounted in an integrated backwall panel above a 17-inch interactive touchscreen display. Using TouchVision's IdleTime´┐Ż kiosk software module, the plasma screen displays a dynamically generated array of high-resolution still images, full-screen MPEG video, Shockwave animation, or even Internet web pages. A choice of 112 special effects can be used to transition between image screens and videos. TouchVision also markets the IdleTime´┐Ż system as a stand-alone plasma display for mounting on a wall or hanging in a retail store window.

The plasma display creates a high-visibility presence for the kiosk in high-traffic locations such as resorts, airports, shopping malls or retail stores. Attracting attention is critical for e-commerce and advertising-based kiosks. Managers of sites where the TouchVision kiosks are currently deployed have commented that the patrons stop in their tracks to look at the kiosk when they walk into the area where the kiosk is installed.

TouchVision expects to install more than 100 plasma kiosks within the next 12 months.

TouchVision provides end-to-end interactive solutions including software, application development, appliance customization and integration, networking, and operations.

TouchVision systems and applications enable customers to publish and distribute broadband media, create e-commerce enterprises and provide interactive information and transaction services for the retail, entertainment, tourism and healthcare industries.

For more information, visit the TouchVision website at www.touchvision.com, or contact Larry Mahar at 562-626-8200 ext. 111 or email at [email protected].

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