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KIOSK Magazine Enters Agreement for URL Address www.kiosk.com

Business Editors

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Nov. 16, 2001—VOYAGI, INC., the parent company of KIOSK Magazine, today announced the attainment and holding position for the URL address www.kiosk.com from Santa Monica, CA-based Neo Network Service.

Under this agreement KIOSK Magazine will become the controlling party for this URL address, as well as the site host, indefinitely. Lief C. Larson, publisher of KIOSK Magazine said, “We are very excited to gain access to the most powerful website address in the interactive and self-service kiosk market. Having such a great name will help us improve access to data and information for thousands of online readers and potential new customers. Informational and transactional kiosks have a new home.”

Although the terms of this agreement are being held confidential, representatives for KIOSK Magazine reiterated that having this website is invaluable to the industry. KIOSK Magazine plans to use the KIOSK.COM address as a single spot for kiosk-interested companies to gain access to comprehensive research and information as well as access to archives of the print magazine. In addition, the company believes this website will provide a useful tool for kiosk-related vendors to market their products and services.

"The self-service kiosk industry is exploding. Having the URL address kiosk.com will allow us to build integrity for this marketplace. At the same time, we needed to make it easy for customers interested in self-service technology to find our magazine. We're very excited," noted James Vande Castle, Editor-in-Chief for KIOSK Magazine.

KIOSK Magazine will not be using the new URL address until sometime next week. KIOSK Magazine Online is currently located at the URL address www.kiomag.com. Although the magazine plans to use both URL addresses for their online magazine, there are no plans for different content from one site to the other. KIOSK Magazine will also take advantage of the new kiosk.com URL address in their print publication and other marketing materials.

About KIOSK Magazine

KIOSK Magazine, the leading self-service kiosk publication and the power behind customer empowerment technology, was founded in 1999. The purpose of the magazine is to provide insightful interactive and self-service solutions for all types of organizations including those in: retail, hospitality, government, healthcare, Internet services, and financial services. The print magazine is distributed to, and read monthly by 15,000 companies. The online magazine currently has over 30,000 monthly site visitors.

KIOSK Magazine
2418 E. Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55413
Phone (612)676-1562
Fax (612)676-0018


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