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Milpitas, CA, Nov 15– Clarinet Systems*, Inc. a global provider of
wireless infrared connectivity for handheld devices, and Info Touch
Technologies, www.infotouch.net (IFT: CDNX) is pleased to announce the
rollout of the Zap Link SM e-services kiosks that provide wireless
Infrared connectivity for users of handheld devices.

With the initial launch in 35 stores , these information kiosks will
also offer Internet phone calling, video teleconferencing, online
shopping as well as and other services. It's part of a project to bring
new technology services to customers of Circle K, which is owned by
Phillips Petroleum Company.

“Info Touch and Clarinet Systems are breaking new ground with the
introduction of Infrared technology. Circle K customers are now just a
“beam” away from downloading web-based information into their PDA”, said
Info Touch Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Hamed Shahbazi. “This
fits perfectly within Info Touch’s strategy of utilizing the kiosk as a
base station or gateway to wirelessly connect and empower PDA users”

Pivotal to the PDA users experience at the Zap Link kiosks is the
installation of the EthIR STAR* wireless connectivity system. Clarinet
Systems’ EthIR STAR products play an essential roll in the wireless
services offerings to customers. PDA users can connect to the Internet
by pointing their devices Infrared port towards the Clarinet Systems
EthIR Beam* located inside the kiosk. When connectivity is established,
users can download email, browse the web, get stock quotes and get the
latest news, all on their PDA device.

Hundreds more Zap Link e-services kiosks are planned to be deployed in
stores within the Phillips network in a phase II of the roll out in
2002. Clarinet Systems and Infotouch are clearly paving the way for a
new kind of shopping experience with the addition of wireless infrared
connectivity for PDA users in Circle K stores.

To find out more about the Circle K Zap Link kiosks and their locations
in the Phoenix area please visit www.circlek.com
or call Circle K's toll-free customer service
number, (800) 527-5476.

About Clarinet Systems:

Clarinet Systems, Inc., is a global provider of wireless connectivity
solutions for handheld devices. The company is focused on providing a
universal network access solution for mobile devices, such as Notebooks,
Handheld and Palm-Size PCs, Internet appliances such as MP3 music
players and electronic books. Clarinet Systems, Inc.'s products are used
in healthcare, hospitality, and education and by Fortune 1000 companies.
Clarinet System's EthIR LAN, and EthIR STAR wireless access systems, are
designed to connect handheld devices and PC's to the corporate network
and Internet, via their built-in, infrared (IR) port, without additional
cards, cables or third-party software. These devices are becoming
increasingly popular with an organization's mobile workforce, as users
need instant, on-demand and untethered access to email and the Internet
while traveling or away from their office.

About Info Touch

Info Touch, North America’s leading kiosk technology company, creates
Internet-based kiosk applications to extend the reach and product
offerings of traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses. Established in
1997, Info Touch delivers its superior public access kiosk technology by
identifying and exploiting opportunities that exist between traditional
businesses and online ventures. Current Info Touch clients include
Cable and Wireless (Caribbean), MCI WorldCom, Telecom Mexico, Telmex,
Chapters Bookstore, Future Shop, Macs/Couchetard, Chase Manhattan Bank,
Alamo Rent-a-Car, the U.S. Army, Marines Corps and Navy.

For more information please contact:

Info Touch Technologies Corp.
Behshad Hastibakhsh, Media Relations
Tel: 604.298.4636, Ext. 250
Email: [email protected]

Linear Capital Corp.
(Investor Relations - Info Touch Technologies Corp.)
John Lewis
Tel: 416-364-2266
Toll Free: 1-877-600-6001
Email: [email protected]

Clarinet Systems
Edward Toro
Manager, Marketing Communications
Tel: 408.468.0400, Ext. 302
Email: [email protected]


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