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Announcing telweb inc.
Absolu Technologies Changes Corporate Identity

Quebec, September 15 th, 1998 - To make its mark in a world where every thing moves at web speed, Absolu Technologies Inc , developers of telweb public webtelephone networks for telcos and new telcos worldwide, has changed its company name to telweb inc.

According to the President, Stéphan Lepage, « we live in an environment where one has but a few seconds to gain mindshare, the company name must reflect its mission and instantly describe its product. telweb does just that. » Mr. Lepage also added, « simple and explicit, the telweb trademark can become a household name that describes not only our product but the standard for a new industry such as Frigidaire or Kodak ».

telweb products include telweb PayPhone, telweb Kiosk, telweb Desktop, telweb Network and telweb Banklink. Applications include colleges, airports, hotel & convention centers, shopping centers and convenience stores. telweb Network provides public access terminals with internet connection, e-mail, interactive information, direct call buttons, telephony, fax and payment facilities based on credit, debit and smart cards, with an overall network management system.

International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that 15% of installed payphones will be replaced with sophisticated payphones (such as telweb) over the next 5 years. With an average cost of $6,000 per payphone for 450,000 payphones to be replaced, telweb estimates the US market is $2.7 billion.

telweb has delivered over 100 telweb PayPhones and 5 telweb Networks in the US, Canada and France. In Canada, QuébecTel, a GTE subsidiary, has a telweb Network (VisioGlobe) deployed across eastern Quebec offering interactive services to college students and the public in shopping centers, hotels and tourists centers. Other Canadian telcos are also deploying telweb. telweb has a strategic alliance with Schlumberger for Europe.

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telweb inc.
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