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Burger King collaborates with Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., and creates the Burger King Virtual Fun Center® .

Fast food giant, Burger King, has joined forces with Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., a full service merchandising company, to create interactive Virtual Fun Centers for placement in Burger King restaurants around the world. Aimed at children ages 4 to 10, this colorful kiosk features an interactive touch screen that really grabs kid's attention.

FMA designed and produced the kiosk specifically with children in mind. The units offer custom designed software, featuring 16 fun and educational games. A built-in camera allows children to pose for pictures and place their own image into different "postcards" on the screen or add funny disguises to their faces. The kiosk also enables children to manipulate puzzle pieces, paint pictures, record and playback their own voice and answer trivia questions.

The production of these units was very complex. Each unit is subjected to a rigorous number of safety and software tests before shipping. The entire external kiosk is assembled from start to finish on a custom pallet, which moves down the conveyor line to various stations. This complete package includes three years of CD software updates sent every four months, turn key delivery service and a customer support hotline.

Founded in 1931, Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc., is one of the largest privately held point-of-purchase, non-media marketing companies in the United States. FMA maintains sales offices in Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Austin, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Netherlands, Sao Paulo and Port Alegre, Brazil.

For more information contact:

Frank Mayer & Associates, Inc.
1975 Wisconsin Ave
Grafton, WI 53024
Contact: Allen Buchholz
Title: Executive VP of Sales
Website address:
email: [email protected]

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