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Since 1995, AlliedSignal Inc. has used kiosks at its plants to bring it's 54,000 domestic employees general information about the company. But when the $14.5 billion advanced technology and manufacturing company wanted to use those kiosks to bring the intranet to its employees that did not have access to desktop computers, it turned to the NetKey software developed by Lexitech Inc. of Branford, Connecticut. Lexitech has been at the forefront of self-service electronic commerce for global enterprises since the industry's infancy.

With NetKey, AlliedSignal employees have access to much more than general company information. Employees can use the kiosks to update their benefits' package, enroll in training programs, check the company's web site and stock price or view news reports and corporate policies. The program also provides AlliedSignal sales personnel with updated sales information.

"This is a way for everyone to take advantage of everything only those with a desktop previously had access to," said Richard van Rensburg, of AlliedSignal's Human Resource Services.

Mr. van Rensburg estimated that about 27,000 AlliedSignal employees in the United States = or about half of the company's stateside work force = were without intranet access. Most were hourly employees, some who have never used the intranet before."As our partnership with AlliedSignal demonstrates, we turn the monitor around and offer the internet to the 5 billion people who do not have internet access," said Lexitech founder and President Alex Richardson. "We help improve the relationship between the company, its employees and its customers." Mr. Richardson points out that with the NetKey software, companies can keep their employees better informed and, in the process, improve the company/employee relationship.

The AlliedSignal kiosks with Lexitech's NetKey software were unveiled on October 19, to coincide with AlliedSignal's benefits enrollment period. There were also posters on the walls of the company's Morristown, New Jersey, headquarters recently to encourage employees to visit the "e-news" on the kiosks.

Mr. van Rensburg said the kiosks, 64 in all worldwide, are in quiet areas, like a hallway or corner, so employees can use them in relative private. They are also near a telephone in case an employee needs to call human resource personnel with questions or for more information. One fear AlliedSignal had with providing intranet access in factory settings was the wear and tear a computer terminal would take by way of damaged hardware or keys being jammed or popped-out. The touch screen Lexitech kiosk solved that problem, Mr. van Rensburg said. Previously, the kiosks were rarely used. That's when Mr. van Rensburg began looking for a suitable software. Lexitech, Richard said, is on the cutting edge of the industry and was easily able to customize its NetKey 2.1 software to meet all of Allied Signal's needs. Along with AlliedSignal, other notable Lexitech clients include Microsoft, Traveler's Insurance, Fidelity Investments, Fuji Photo Film USA and the United States Government.

More information can be found at www.lexitech.com/netkey.

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