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KIOSK Magazine Launches URL Address www.kiosk.com

Business Editors

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: Nov. 26, 2001—KIOSK Magazine today announced the launch of a new URL address. KIOSK.COM is now the new online home of the print publication KIOSK Magazine. KIOSK Magazine will use this new website address for all print and online marketing activities.

Under this new website address KIOSK Magazine plans to provide access to back issues of the magazine and other relevant kiosk archives. In addition, the site will be marketed extensively on behalf of site sponsors. KIOSK Magazine publisher Lief C. Larson said, “We are extremely excited about the opportunity to serve as an information and reference point between large corporations seeking to employ self-service technology and the supplier companies we serve.”

As the leading print publication in a billion dollar industry, KIOSK Magazine recognizes the huge opportunities available with such a powerful website address. “We anticipate that this URL address will effectively increase our site traffic,” said KIOSK Magazine editor chief James Vande Castle. “We anticipate double or triple site visits almost immediately. We still have a ton of work to do, but this website will be a huge asset to the entire industry.”

KIOSK Magazine Online is concurrently located at the URL address www.kiosk.com and their former home at www.kiomag.com. Although the magazine plans to use both URL addresses for their online magazine, there are no plans for different content from one site to the other. KIOSK Magazine will also take advantage of the new kiosk.com URL address in their print publication.

About KIOSK Magazine
KIOSK Magazine, the leading self-service kiosk publication and the power behind customer empowerment technology, was founded in 1999. The purpose of the magazine is to provide insightful interactive and self-service solutions for all types of organizations including those in: retail, hospitality, government, healthcare, Internet services, and financial services. The print magazine is distributed to, and read monthly by 15,000 companies. The online magazine currently has over 30,000 monthly site visitors.



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