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Vol. 1 Issue #13                         Nov. 25, 1999

Offering news and tips concerning the Public Internet 
Industry.  Each month we will bring you the latest information on 
what's hot and what's not when it comes to offering Internet Access 
to the public.  Please feel free to contact us with any information 
or feedback you may wish to contribute (yes, we will be publishing 
contributing articles).  We look forward to hearing from you!

New Locations, New Ideas

Over four years ago, when the Web was just
a small pup, a strange new location was born...

The CyberCafe.

You all know the place.  The local Java 
Store became wired, not unlike most of the
patrons of these fine facilities.

It started out as an exotic hangout for
the techno buffs and grew to become a popular
hangout in the bigger cities.

As the Internet grew, CyberCafes gained in
popularity.  The trend,  however, has appeared to have
reached critical mass.  CyberCafes are beginning
to fade.  The Internet continues to evolve and
as more and more people have access at home, there
becomes less of a need to go out for it.

Does this mean doomsday for the Public Internet
Industry?  On the contrary...

As the Internet moves from novelty to luxury to
necessity, the public's demand for access will
increase.  Their needs will continue to evolve
as the industry does.  You simply need to stay on 
top of things, and always give the customers what
they want, WHERE they want it.

Take the CyberCafe, as an example.  Once upon a time
I went to a place like this to use the computers,
and maybe have a cup of coffee while I was there.  
The only reason I would go there today, is if they
had some GREAT coffee...but if they had such great coffee,
why would they need to set up computers?

Herein lies the problem.

The Internet used to be the main attraction. Now
its a side show, but an important one nonetheless.

The key here is to find some good main events, and
set up the sideshows.

Here are a few suggestions for Main Events & Sideshows:

MAIN EVENT                       SIDESHOW
Dinner at TGI Fridays            Checking the movie
                                 listings while waiting
                                 to be seated

Laundry at the Local             Chatting online with
Laundromat                       friends from the

Convention at a large            Catching up on competitors
hotel in the MIdwest             product offerings in
                                 the business center

Flight to Miami                  Comparing Car Rental
                                 Rates while-u-wait

Oil Change at QuikLube           Shopping for a new car
                                 online while seated in
                                 the waiting room.

Get the picture?  There are too many locations
to list, and new possibilites are popping up
every day.  

The Internet is so vast, and it fits in such a
small space.  How many magazine and newspaper
racks would you need to put the same content
in a room as one simple Internet Terminal?

As the technology changes, it becomes
important to leverage the content rather than
the machinery as you grow your business.

If you PLACE it it...they will come!

Thanks again and my very best wishes
to each and every one of you during 
this special holiday season.

Relax and Enjoy your Thanksgiving!

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