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  Press Release

Skytalk Communications Announces Name Change to SMO Multimedia Corporation

EVERSON, Wash., Dec 6, 2001 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Skytalk Communications (Pink Sheets:SKLK) announced today that an official corporate name change and a new trading symbol have been applied for.

The proposed new name, SMO Multimedia Corporation, reflects the proposed
merger previously announced July 26, 2001. Offering circulars have been sent out to
shareholders for approval and it is expected to be ratified in the coming weeks.
The company seeks approval from the shareholders and this application does not
guarantee the acceptance of the merger.

"This just brings us one step closer to finalizing the merger with Skytalk
Communications and we are very encouraged with the progress we have made.
Once the anticipated merger is finalized, the company is committed to filing with
the regulatory authorities all financials and necessary documentation to seek
approval for admittance to the OTC-BB," said Robert J. Pratt, CEO of SMO Multi-Media.

Interested parties and shareholder can be placed on the SMO update e-mail list at: SMO/SignupShareholder. For direct SMO Multimedia inquiries, please contact John Vance, SMO Director of Operations at 866/318-8555.

About SMO

SMO Multi-Media Corp. (Formerly Shopping Mall Online) will be deploying a network of technologically advanced E-Stations (Kiosks) in Shopping Centers and Airports throughout the United States. The E Stations replace traditional directories and include advanced systems for retailers and consumers alike. Through these E-Stations consumers can find store directions, product coupons, take part in mall loyalty point systems, make wish lists, and purchase gift cards, etc. The system is mirror imaged on web sites where Customers can shop at SMO's affiliate Internet sites such as TheGap.com (NYSE:GPS), and
Esprit.com. Daily, new affiliates and features are added to the site. The kiosk
(E-Station) technology provides unique search capabilities and software-tracking technologies that benefit the mall/airport developer, retailer and consumer.

SMO is also providing other high traffic areas new multi media terminals that
will be announced in the near future. SMO recently announced a merger with
Skytalk Communications, Inc. (SKLK-OTC Pink Sheets) and plans to file appropriate
financial documentation to be fully reporting and be trading over the
counter immediately after the completion of the merger.

NOTE: Safe Harbor statements under the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act
of 1995: This announcement may contain "forward looking" statements. Although we
believe that the statements contained in the announcement are reasonable, we can
give no assurances that such statements will prove correct.

CONTACT: for SMO Multimedia Corporation

John Vance, 866/318-8555

URL: http://www.businesswire.com

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