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November 30, 1998 - New York, NY. During the two year pilot phase of New York City's CityAccess project, over 600,000 users have used terminals created and managed by Golden Screens Interactive Technologies, Inc. (GSIT). While having deployed roughly 25% of the total locations in the pilot, GSA terminals have accounted for almost 43% of the total usage indicating the quality and ease-of-use of our GUI design. Over the past 24 months, the terminals deployed and managed by GSIT have achieved over a 99.5% uptime.

The stations provide users with a directory of services, benefits, and programs offered by various City departments and agencies. A "Key to the City" application will offer listings and contact information for elected and appointed officials, and general information about the City including: bus and subway maps, tourist information, and special events. In addition to providing information and printed forms, the ability to perform transactions and make payments using credit/debit cards is planned for the near future. Ultimately, CityAccess may include several thousand Kiosk Stations not just in City offices, but in 24-hour accessible locations, both indoors and outdoors.

Glenn M. Gruber
VP, Sales and Marketing
Golden Screens Interactive Technologies, Inc.
Tel: 212/983-5212
[email protected]

Golden Screens Interactive Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of enabling software and electronic commerce applications for Internet-based self-service terminals and the next generation of Web-Enabled Public Telephones.20

The Company=92s GS PlanetTM product suite is a comprehensive platform for developing Internet-based terminals that offer secure Web access through intuitive touch-screen interfaces. GS PlanetTM also includes an extensive software library for developing custom E-Commerce applications and a set of monitoring and diagnostic tools that ensure maximum system uptime and reliability.

Founded in 1989, the Company became established and controlled the out-of-home self-service terminal market by developing leading-edge proprietary technology, software applications, and turnkey systems for several government agencies and private organizations in Israel. In 1995, GSIT relocated its corporate headquarters to New York City where it also established a sales and marketing operation. Currently, nearly all of the Company=92s business development activity is focused on US clients. The Company continues to conduct its primary research and product development work in Israel. The Company presently employs 50 individuals in the US and Israel.

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