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AccessFinance Terminals Provide Cost Effective Way for NYC DOF to Improve Customer Service

New York, NY96 Almost two years ago, the New York City Department of Finance had a vision to greatly improve the level of service that the DOF provided to their customers. In partnership with Golden Screens that vision became a reality and, for the past year, those customers have had greater access to documents and programs via AccessFinance terminals throughout the five boroughs of New York.

The AccessFinance terminals use Golden Screens' e.Planet and GS-Web software to provide a touch screen user environment to the DOF's web site. Golden Screens worked with DOF to make changes to the web site to accommodate a touch screen environment.

At these locations City residents can find the most up-to-date Business & Property Tax and Parking Violations related information and print laser copies of the latest versions of NYC Department of Finance tax forms, applications and other informational brochures and pamphlets. The AccessFinance terminals even integrate the DOF's Intelligent Voice Response (IVR) system to help answer questions.

Golden Screens supervises the round-the-clock updating and maintaining of the software technology which connects the terminals to the Internet, keeping all the programs and data current.

The AccessFinance terminals have met or exceeded all of the Department of Finance's objectives for the project. Thousands of users have accessed information and printed forms who would not otherwise have access to the Internet. The best part is that Golden Screens' technology allowed the DOF to build on their existing IT infrastructure rather than start from scratch.

The Department of Finance terminals will also keep New Yorkers up-to-date on city current events, along with changes in the local tax laws and regulations which, according to the DOF, is a very difficult task. They have the ability to "walk" any user through important government transactions, pointing out exactly which forms are required to accomplish a certain task.

The first AccessFinance terminal went live in September 1997. There are now six units in place throughout the five boroughs. The exact locations of the terminals are:

  • Manhattan City Collector=92s Office. 150 Nassau Street, 5th floor.
  • Municipal Building, Parking Ticket Payment Center. One Center Street
Staten Island
  • Payment and Adjudication Center of Staten Island. 350 St. Marks Place
  • Payment and Adjudication Center of Queens. 144-06 94th Avenue, Jamaica
  • Brooklyn Municipal Building, City Collector=92s Office. 210 Joralemon Street
  • New York City Department of Finance, Taxpayer Assistance Unit. 25 Elm Place
Glenn M. Gruber
VP, Sales and Marketing
Golden Screens Interactive Technologies, Inc.
[email protected]

About Golden Screens

Golden Screens Interactive Technologies, Inc. is the leading provider of enabling software and electronic commerce applications for Internet-based self-service terminals and the next generation of Web-Enabled Public Telephones.20

The Company=92s GS PlanetTM product suite is a comprehensive platform for developing Internet-based terminals that offer secure Web access through intuitive touch-screen interfaces. GS PlanetTM also includes an extensive software library for developing custom E-Commerce applications and a set of monitoring and diagnostic tools that ensure maximum system uptime and reliability.

Founded in 1989, the Company became established and controlled the out-of-home self-service terminal market by developing leading-edge proprietary technology, software applications, and turnkey systems for several government agencies and private organizations in Israel. In 1995, GSIT relocated its corporate headquarters to New York City where it also established a sales and marketing operation. Currently, nearly all of the Company=92s business development activity is focused on US clients. The Company continues to conduct its primary research and product development work in Israel. The Company presently employs 50 individuals in the US and Israel.

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