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  Press Release

Info Touch Product Update: Web E-mail Integration with mail2web

Burnaby, BC, December 14, 2001 - Info Touch Technologies, www.infotouch.net (IFT: CDNX), and SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. today announced a distribution agreement that would integrate mail2web.com(tm) - a popular web-based e-mail client that allows secure public e-mail access to any POP3 or IMAP4 mail server - with Info Touch's flagship software platform, Surfnet Premiere. The mail2web e-mail retrieval technology will be fully integrated into Surfnet Premiere, enabling'Instant e-mail access anywhere at anytime'.

"We are pleased to partner with SoftCom in integrating e-mail retrieval technology into Info Touch's best-in-breed public access kiosk security and management system. Info Touch and SoftCom employ their joint strengths to facilitate critical solutions for unconnected e-mail users at public locations, and to monetize valuable portal real estate", said Hamed Shahbazi, Info Touch Chairman and CEO.

"A partnership with Info Touch will further our ability to expand the mail2web brand worldwide," says Tony Yustein, CEO of SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. "We are very excited with this opportunity to continue to demonstrate how effective and easy our mail2web application is for the mobile user."

About Info Touch
Info Touch, North America's leading kiosk technology company, creates
Internet-based kiosk applications to extend the reach and product
offerings of traditional bricks-and-mortar businesses. Established in 1997,
Info Touch delivers its superior public access kiosk technology by
identifying and exploiting opportunities that exist between traditional
businesses and online ventures. Current Info Touch clients include Cable
and Wireless (Caribbean), MCI WorldCom, Telecom Mexico, Telmex,
Chapters Indigo Bookstore, Future Shop / Best Buy, Macs/Couchetard,
Chase Manhattan Bank, the U.S. Army, Marines Corps and Navy.

About Mail2web

Mail2web.com is a free Internet-based e-mail application. By entering an
existing e-mail address and password, a user can pick-up and send e-mail
from anywhere in the world, regardless of location. mail2web can be
accessed by using any web browser, computer, connected PDA or even
a WAP phone. Users are not required to provide personal information, nor
are any activities recorded. mail2web is developed and maintained by
SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. SoftCom is a world leader in cost
effective web hosting solutions under the brand myhosting.com
(www.myhosting.com) and is a Platinum Sponsor of the Internet Society
(www.isoc.org). mail2web and mail2web.com is a registered trademark of
SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc. All other brands and products
referenced herein are acknowledged to be trademarks or registered
trademarks of their respective holders.

For more information please contact:

Info Touch Technologies Corp.
Behshad Hastibakhsh, Media Relations
Tel: 604.298.4636, Ext. 250
Toll Free: 888.679.3322
Email: [email protected]

Linear Capital Corp.
John Lewis, Investor Relations
Tel: 416-364-2266
Toll Free: 1-877-600-6001
Email: [email protected]

SoftCom Technology Consulting Inc.
Patricia Bas, Marketing Manager
Tel: 416 957 7424
Email: [email protected]

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does not accept responsibility for its adequacy and accuracy.


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