Pinnacle Publications, lead sponsor - Factura Kiosks, and a group of recognized interactive industry leaders are excited to announce the publication of a new quarterly magazine, Case & Point: Learn the Kiosk Essentials from the Interactive Experts. This joint venture was coordinated for the purpose of sharing experiences and knowledge to deliver useful and relevant information about the kiosk market to you – the adopters of interactive technology.

We’ve all seen or heard the statistics - whether they come from research conducted by Frost & Sullivan, Venture Development Corporation or some other report - the message is always the same: The kiosk market is growing. Depending on your source, kiosk deployment is expected to grow between 24-40% annually over the next five years. Fueling this acceptance of interactive technology and the use of kiosks to drive sales are some noticeable hardware trends and the emergence of new markets and applications.

Over the past decade, the interactive industry has experienced several false starts with everything from unreliable technology interfaces and the use of inappropriate hardware components to crudely designed software applications. However, the afflictions of first generation kiosks have been virtually eliminated. Clearly, this has been a driving force behind the resurgence of touch kiosk systems in the marketplace.

The premier issue of Case & Point focuses on some of the unique needs and issues facing retailers when implementing a kiosk program. The content of each issue will be tailored to a specific target audience or vertical market. In future issues, you’ll learn about emerging new markets, applications, and industry trends; you’ll hear from interactive industry leaders about software development, technology interfaces, and customer application profiles; and, we’ll share the value of expertise, management tips for a successful kiosk program, calculating your ROI, and an explanation of the benefits of various deployment strategies…and, that’s just the beginning!

Our goal is to make Case & Point your publication of choice for up-to-date, accurate kiosk information. What can we do to make Case & Point a "must" reading experience for you? If you would like to offer editorial recommendations or submit article content for consideration in future issues, please forward your ideas or content to Adam Dennison, Pinnacle Publications, via e-mail at [email protected] There are advertising opportunities available as well. For placement and pricing information, contact Adam Dennison at (716) 461-1167. In addition, Case & Point is available in limited quantities; if you would like to receive a complimentary copy or remain on the distribution list for future issues, please e-mail your request to [email protected]