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Top Ten Ways Web-Enabled Kiosks Can Make Gift Buying a Breeze

Kiosks from Netkey: Santa's Little Helper for Busy Holiday Shoppers


NEW YORK - Dec. 19, 2000 - Shoppers wary of facing the crush of last-minute gift buyers are finding that using Internet-enabled kiosks from Netkey, Inc. can be the difference between a merry or harried holiday retail experience.

Netkey is in the forefront of designing and powering kiosks using Internet technology that can help many holiday shoppers meet the unique challenges of the season: finding the ideal present while staying within a budget, with limited time, at the last minute, while keeping their sanity.

Leading retailers across the country - including JC Penney, Borders, and Service Merchandise - have launched kiosks using Netkey software to tie together the wide inventory of products and services available on their corporate Web sites and make them available to customers in the store. These retailers have found that bridging the gap between "on-line" and "waiting in line" helps shoppers successfully do the million things they need to do at once, ultimately increasing sales and building consumer loyalty.

There are at least ten ways shoppers today will benefit from using a Netkey kiosk:

For the Frenzied Shopper

1. Standing in line at the store, tapping your foot while your watch moves slower than molasses? Put that time to good use and be a multi-tasking shopper. Many retailers are installing public access kiosks where you can check news and weather, or manage email while waiting in line.

2. You've been all over your favorite store and still can't find what you're looking for? You can order things that may not be in stock at the local retail outlet right from a kiosk.

3. Ready to leap over the counter and run the cash register yourself? Well okay, go ahead! With a point-of-sale (POS) kiosk, you can simply scan the SKU or barcode, swipe your own credit card, get a printed receipt and a shopping bag and you are on your way.

4. How do you get through your mile long super-market shopping list in only an hour before you have to take Katie to Nutcracker rehearsal and Ben to hockey practice? You can use a point-of-information (POI) kiosk to order holiday deli platters and pre-made dinners that will be ready by the time that you are done with rest of your grocery shopping.

You Work for Ebenezer Scrooge

5. Looking to save money with a company's loyalty, incentives, or coupons program but don't have time to wait in long customer service line? With a loyalty kiosk you can safely enter your personal information and register for these money saving programs.

6. Worried whether you can afford those diamond earrings for your girlfriend? Use a financial services kiosk to check the stock market or bank balance to see what you can afford!

Find the Perfect Gift

7. Do you have newlyweds or new parents to shop for? Buy them what they have already selected for themselves by checking on-line registries on a gift registry kiosk.

8. Are avid readers or rabid music fans among your friends and family? Research book and music video reviews on a kiosk to find what they would like.

9. Worried about violent toys or video games? Use an informational kiosk to read what other parents have to say and get ratings on toys and video games for kids.

For the last minute lost spouse

10. Can't figure out what "turn left at the Orange Julius" means? Use a store locator and directory kiosk for faster shopping with fewer hassles.

Added Bonus

11. Need a new boss for Christmas? A job center kiosk lets you upgrade your career to pay for all the presents you bought!

About Netkey

Netkey Inc., the leading provider of patented end-to-end solutions for Internet kiosks, brings businesses closer to their customers through new Web-based points of sale and information. Netkey provides self-service e-commerce/CRM systems by Web-empowering storefronts, banks, payphones, transportation centers and other public areas via Internet Kiosks. Netkey's list of forward-thinking customers include Yahoo!, JC Penney, Microsoft, Borders, Hong Kong WebPhone, J.C. Decaux and Bayer. Netkey investors include Zero Stage Capital and CyberStarts. Netkey is located in New York, San Francisco and Branford, Conn. For more information about Netkey and its award-winning solutions, call 1-800-443-7924 or visit www.netkey.com.


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