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"New KIOSK Store extends product offering"

MINNEAPOLIS, MN.-(TECH NEWS)--Dec. 21, 1999-- VOYAGI Communication Technologies, has announced a new distribution channel for various products from the kiosk industry.

VOYAGI plans to lauch The Kiosk Store(TM) on February 1, 2000. They have chosen CNET as a partner and portal for industry products. CNET is the worldwide leader in technology news and information on the Web, and the CNET network of Web sites reaches the most active purchasers online. VOYAGI plans to capitalize on the hundreds of thousands of sales and customer leads generated daily through CNET with its product offerings.

VOYAGIs President, Lief Larson is excited about the opportunity, "The kiosk industry has been experiencing continual growth. Although many companies are interested in employing kiosk technology as part of their services, it can be difficult finding the various components of a kiosk, or even comparing the products and prices of different companies. More than anything, we hope that this will be an alternative to searching multiple sites, but we also hope it will grow to be the one-stop-kiosk-shop of the Internet."

About VOYAGI Communication Technologies

VOYAGI, a Minneapolis-based provider of automated technology services, has dedicated itself entirely within the kiosk industry. The company has holds The Kiosk Media House(SM) as an advertising brokerage to the industry, publishes KIOSK Magazine(R), and provides product solutions to Fortune and Global 500 companies. VOYAGI can be contacted at 1+ (612) 676-1562, on the web @ , or by email [email protected]

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