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"Sleek and curvaceous, dressed to turn heads on any public appearance".......major publication

You've been recommended by "a friend" to have a personal introduction to our family of SunSurfer models, it's with pleasure therefore we offer you the chance to personally view DVE's internationally coveted "Miss January 2001"

Due to high demand she normally has a waiting list of 8-10 weeks, though we have worked hard to reduce this to only 4-6 weeks for clients committing themselves in January. Included in this bargain offer is a standard 12 month return to base warranty and choice of attire to suit your occasion (see her in one of her popular organic and stainless designs, image enclosed).

She can be yours to take home to pamper and serve your every "web whim" from just 2750 (+VAT where applicable, "the catch......." applies only to orders of 100 pcs or more full price list at www.dve.net ).

You can e-mail back or study her stats further at www.dve.net

Kind regards

Mike Kellond ~ sales & marketing director
www.dve.net , e. [email protected]
t. +44 1793 855366 f.+44 1793 855330

Watch out for Miss February... undressed for the very first time... remember were you saw them first!

PS. Happy 2001!

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