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Bypass the high cost of building a multimedia kiosk from the ground up. With Saltmine® Kiosk 3.0, you can use existing Web sites and multimedia projects as kiosks without additional programming.

  • Quick, low-cost deployment
  • Enterprise-level station maintenance
  • Safe and secure user access
  • Easy, flexible interface design
Based in Seattle and London, Saltmine Creative is a full-service software development, visual communications and strategic consulting firm specializing in the creation of innovative solutions and products.

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PC Computing : Thin Back In? The thin-client movement has taken its share of hard knocks since it became cool, then passe, then cool again during the past three years. After thin clients failed to take off like analysts expected (and companies like Sun and IBM hoped), Zona Research is once again predicting a thin-client boom, with the market growing from $287 million in 1998 to $1.07 billion by 2001.

Cheap Service The stability and renewed popularity of Windows Terminal Server is driving most of the resurgence in thin clients. Meanwhile Sun's Java-based machines are fading because of long delays and market confusion. Plummeting prices are also stimulating the growth in thin clients. Then again, for $820 (average 1998 price), you can get a pair of PCs from eMachines.

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