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ICL: ICL helps silver surfers catch the Internet wave

NOV 8, 1999, M2 Communications - ICL, the IT services company, today supported and participated in an IT forum in London to demonstrate ways older people can gain on-line access to information and local services and improve their lifestyles with benefits from new technology. Information can be accessed from libraries, kiosks and a variety of community locations and on home PCs via the Web. The Forum, 'Quality of Life in Later Life' hosted by the Better Government for Older People Programme (BGOP) provided a range of workshops on how IT can enrich life for those citizens over the age of 50.

ICL demonstrated it's CyberSkills interactive learning workshop which teaches people how to use the information on the Internet to suit their lifestyles and overcome any technology fears. ICL are also using their experience in IT systems to provide Internet, e-business and smart card kiosks in public areas to the advantage of older people. Accessing information through these mediums replaces the need for older people to tour their area's public service offices to get services.

David Denison, Industry consultant Government, ICL said, "ICL is committed to providing technology to pave the way for older people to get on-line. We are working with BGOP to promote recent government activities on social inclusion and this forum will show how IT can improve the quality of life for older people giving them quicker and easier access to vital information including mobility, transport and health."

The BGOP initiative has been running for a year and is an example of how private companies can work with the Cabinet Office and Local Government to provide joined-up services to citizens. BGOP is a partnership involving the Cabinet Office and 28 local authorities, with Age Concern, Help the Aged, the Anchor Trust, the Carnegie Third Age Programme and Warwick University Local Authorities Research Consortium.

The Forum, attended by 130 people from around the country, was aimed at Local Authorities and partner organisations and older people with an interest in new technology, who formed about a third of the workshop participants.

Martin Shreeve Programme Director, BGOP, said, "This event demonstrates that, given the opportunity, older people can take to computers and the Internet in a big way. It also showed that 50+ lifestyles can be greatly enhanced by some of the high-tech developments, whether in hobbies and leisure, learning, voluntary activity, the arts, home safety and automation or the way older people correspond with family and friends."

Minister of State at the Cabinet Office, Ian McCartney said: "Older people are among the biggest users of public services, yet they often suffer from a failure to respond to their needs and listen to their voices. Older people often find it difficult to get good information about the services they use. IT can play a major role in meeting that need, and I welcome this initiative." ICL is also sponsoring a 'Better Government for Older People' website ( www.bettergovernmentforolderpeople.gov.uk) Notes to Editors

Better Government for Older People

The Better Government for Older People programmed was launched on June 5, 1998. The programme is a partnership between the Cabinet Office, Age Concern, Help the Aged, the Anchor Trust, the Carnegie Third Age Programme and the Warwick University Local Authorities Research Consortium. It aims to improve services for older people by better meeting their needs, listening to their views and encouraging and recognising the contribution they can make to their communities. The programme is being taken through 28 pilots across the UK, led by local authorities but including many othe partners. Issues being addressed include tackling crime, improving access to learning, helping older people to live independently, promoting the arts and healthy living, and setting up older people's forums. For further information, please visit: ( www.bettergovernmentforolderpeople.gov.uk)


ICL is a global IT services company. It designs, builds and operates information systems and services for customers in the retail, finance, government, telecoms, utilities and travel markets. The company has operations in over 40 countries and employs over 22,500 people.

Transformed from a manufacturer of computers, today ICL improves business performance and competitiveness through services focused on electronic business, enterprise applications and the implementation and outsourcing of IT infrastructure.

In 1997 the company's revenues were GBP2.477 billion generating a profit before tax of GBP30.0 million. Headquartered in London, ICL is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujitsu and plans to float on the London Stock Exchange in 2000. ICL's website: http://www.icl.com

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