NCD's thin2000.com Raises Awareness of Thin Client Capabilities

Built Into Windows 2000 Server-Based Products

With all the anticipation surrounding Microsoft's next generation of operating systems software, Windows 2000, thin client computing leader Network Computing Devices, Inc. (Nasdaq:NCDI), today announced the launch of its dedicated web site www.thin2000.com.

The site focuses on removing marketplace barriers to thin client computing by providing a wide range of product offerings and enhancements, references, tools, research and real world data. thin2000.com is a "must see" site for companies interested in future network deployments.

"Thin clients are an important option of access devices supported by Terminal Server and Windows 2000," said Deborah Willingham, Vice President, Business Enterprise Division at Microsoft Corporation. "We applaud NCD for creating a rich information portal designed to educate users about the hardware and software products that make thin clients one of the reliable choices of computing models supported by Windows 2000."

Visitors to thin2000.com will find constantly updated information on the status of Windows 2000, the impact to and enhancements of thin client computing, as well as monthly editorial columns written by industry influencers. Other " thin-specific" information includes:

--   Hardware and software product reviews for all thin client
--   Technical Documentation from industry leaders
--   Listings of event, trade shows and seminars
--   Bulletin boards and other open forums for Windows 2000
--   Links to download sites, for software evaluations, patches and

"We are delighted that NCD has launched a web site to educate corporations and create awareness for thin client computing and the multiple benefits it has to offer," stated Eileen O'Brien, Analyst for International Data Corporation. "As cited in the August 1999 IDC Bulletin, 305,000 thin clients were shipped in the first half of 1999, a hefty 83 percent more than during 1H98.

"These numbers indicate enterprise thin client and server-based computing is on the rise, and thin2000.com will help to broaden the awareness."

"NCD welcomes Windows 2000 and the opportunities it affords our business, " stated David Perry, Director of Worldwide Marketing for NCD. "Our intention is to broaden end-user knowledge and demand for terminals, software, and large-scale deployments of thin client networks in a Microsoft environment.

"Corporations are looking for a solution that provides manageability, security and a system that is flexible enough to support all their user needs while providing a better bottom line. NCD's thin2000.com is a one-stop resource for accessing information published on all thin client products, technical documents, analyst reports and much more to help make the selection process an easy one."

About NCD

Founded in 1988, Network Computing Devices, Inc., supplies information access products that extend server-based computing to give customers a competitive edge and a better bottom line. Over 1 million NCD thin clients are installed with over 3 billion hours of operation. The company can be reached on the Internet at: www.ncd.com.

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