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KioskCom Happenings Vol. 3

Greetings and welcome to the latest installment of KioskCom Happenings, the official online newsletter of the KioskCom 2000 Conference! We are about a week away from receiving our final conference brochure and we couldn't be more excited!

In the meantime, here is a list of our participating organizations:

* America Online        
* Sears Online
* Borders       
* Daimler Chrysler  
* Florida Power         
* Continental Airlines
* KAL           
* St. Clair Interactive Communications
* Lexitech Worldwide    
* High Technology Solutions
* Elo TouchSystems      
* Bell World
* Summit Research Associates    
* Eastman Kodak
* Frost & Sullivan      
* U.S. West
* Microtouch Systems    
* Optical Products Development Corp.
* Factura Kiosks        
* NetShift Software
* BT Payphones  
* The Foothill Private Industry Council
* Data Vision Europe    
* Metrologic Instruments
* APUnix Computer Services      
* PG Design Electronics Inc.
* U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development        
* EDR Technologies
* Andronicos    
* QuadMedia
* MARS Interactive
* First Wave, Inc.      
* Fairfax County, VA

PLUS, don't miss out on the vast display of technology at KioskCom 2000.
There will be over 50 different kiosk technology vendors to help you with
your kiosk project!

KioskCom 2000 will also include several other strategy-focused workshops.
Choose from these 4 educational workshops:

* How to Design Internet Kiosks: The Secrets You Need to Know
* On Time, On Budget, On Spec – Can This Be Your Kiosk Software 
* How to make your ITM (kiosk) ADA compliant
* How to Package, Promote and Price the Sales of Advertising on   
  Kiosks, Internet Kiosks & ATM Networks

The final conference brochure will be available very shortly. If you
would like to receive one by mail please forward your name, address, and
company information to [email protected] Please identify in the subject
line or in the text that you would like a brochure for KioskCom 2000, and
we will rush one to you.  If you would like one of our customer relations
experts to follow up with you to answer any questions you may have, please
also include your phone number.

Act now!  If you register before February 25, 2000, you will receive one
free night’s stay at The Riviera courtesy of KioskCom!

Look out for the KioskCom Happenings Newsbits, set to arrive to you in the
next week.  This will be a regular feature, updating you on News and Notes
from around the kiosk industry!

In the meantime, you can always visit KioskCom online at the official
conference website, www.kioskcom.com.

If you have missed any of our past postings, you can view them in our
archives by logging in at www.listbot.com and selecting "View Archives."

- The KioskCom Happenings Team

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