Airline passengers will soon have something to erase their boredom during long flights. Spyglass today announced a software licensing and professional services agreement with Rockwell Collins, Inc. that will bring passengers enhanced, interactive, in-flight entertainment systems. With Spyglass Device Mosaic acting as the enabling engine, Rockwell's redesigned TES (total entertainment system) will support diverse HTML-based applications, including shopping, games and video- and audio-on-demand. Nine major carriers have agreements with Rockwell to deploy TES on their aiplanes, including American Airlines, Delta Airlines, British Airways, and Japan Airlines.

This latest agreement reinforces Spyglass' expertise in the information appliance market, and their commitment to delivering solutions that leverage HTML-based services and applications. Spyglass' business strategy is to help partners capitalize on the potential of the Internet, and the revenue-generating opportunities created by an in-flight system capable of supporting third-party software applications, including e-commerce, are great.

Spyglass welcomes you to visit our headquarters in Naperville, Ill. to see a demonstration of Rockwell's TES with Spyglass Device Mosaic. Anup Murarka, vice president of interactive television services, will also be available for telephone interviews to answer questions about the Rockwell agreement. Please call Erica LeBorgne, public relations coordinator, at 630-245-6624 if you have an questions or to arrange a time for a visit or interview.

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SpyglassŪ Technology Takes Off in Rockwell Collins' In-flight Entertainment System

Spyglass Device Mosaic Enables Passengers to Access Audio/Video-on-Demand and Other Interactive Applications

Naperville, Ill. -- Wednesday, December 1, 1999 -- Spyglass Inc. (NASDAQ: SPYG) today announced a software licensing and professional services agreement with Rockwell Collins Inc. (NYSE: ROK) to help bring airline passengers enhanced, in-flight entertainment systems. Rockwell Collins licensed Spyglass Device Mosaic, Spyglass ThinGUI Library and Spyglass MicroServer, for use with their Total Entertainment System (TES), a digital, flexible entertainment system built on an interactive platform. The Spyglass Device Mosaic embedded Web browser is the enabling engine for the re-designed TES passenger entertainment system. Now capable of running HTML applications, the TES system can easily support third-party software applications with additional functionality, including shopping, games and travel planning.

The TES displays can be installed on the backs of airline seats or mounted on armrests for easy access. Passengers have handheld remote control units that allow them to navigate across a wide range of applications, including audio/video-on-demand. Rockwell Collins currently has agreements with nine major carriers and has deployed the TES system onboard American Airlines, Delta Airlines, Air France, and British Airways, among others.

"At Spyglass, we leverage both our technologies and professional services to enable devices to support HTML-based content and applications," said Anup Murarka, Spyglass vice president of interactive television services. "With Rockwell we created a versatile platform from which a diverse range of interactive applications can run. Third-party software developers will benefit from the chance to create diverse applications specifically geared toward a new interactive audience -- airline passengers."

About Spyglass

Spyglass (NASDAQ: SPYG) is a leading provider of strategic Internet consulting, software and professional services that enable content providers, service operators and device manufacturers to capitalize on the potential of the Internet. Market-leading companies using Spyglass solutions include GTE, General Instrument, Microsoft, Motorola, NEC, Nokia, Sony, Thomson Consumer Electronics, WorldGate and Xerox. Spyglass is headquartered in Naperville, Ill. and has regional offices in Lexington, Mass., Silicon Valley, Calif., London and Tokyo. Visit for more information.

(December 1999)

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