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Virgin does music kiosks.

by Doug Reece, 1999-12-14

Virgin Megastores announced plans today to begin selling digitally distributed music using Digital On-Demand's RedDotNetwork and music kiosks developed by Sony.

Rounding out the retailer's strategy, the company has teamed with Diamond Multimedia to begin promoting the Rio 500 MP3 players and related accessories.

Using the kiosks, consumers will be able download SDMI-compliant music to flash memory cards.

"Virgin has always been the retail leader in the evolution of the retailing of entertainment media; downloadable music is the natural next step in that evolution," said Russ Pillar, president and chief executive officer of Virgin Entertainment Group Inc.

"We live the credo 'Give the People What They Want.' You can rest assured that this relationship with Diamond, following on the heels of the launch of www.virginjamcast.com, is but the next in a series of revolutionary offerings from us."

Virgin also will begin offering in-store training to consumers on how to use the Rio player and download music.

Details on song pricing and the potential availability of unecumbered MP3 files were not released.

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