EMI downloading CDs in record store kiosks

By Adam Sandler

HOLLYWOOD (Variety) - Digital on Demand, which puts CD-making kiosks in record stores, has inked EMI Recorded Music to provide some of its artists' music for digital downloading.

EMI is making some 5,000 titles available. DOD inked Sony two months ago to provide 4,000 titles for downloading. Carlsbad, Calif.--based DOD is in the process of lining up other music congloms and independents to provide content.

DOD has also pacted with retailers such as the Virgin Megastores and Trans World Entertainment chains to install the DOD machines and is close to inking others.

The machines, which digitally download music so consumers can create their own CDs, allow retailers to stock a wide variety of catalog product without consuming valuable shelf space.

Unlike digital delivery over the Internet, which allows fans to download tunes at home, the DOD system encourages consumers to visit retailers.

``We are happy that EMI shares our vision for bringing the future of digital entertainment into retail stores,'' said DOD chairman Tom Szabo.

Stations in each store enable music fans to find, preview and select albums for purchase. Once the music is selected, the manufacturing station creates the CD by downloading the tunes from a central repository. The customer also receives the original packaging associated with the album, including the original cover art and liner notes.

The company will begin a rollout of its equipment in the fall.


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