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News Release

Dear Craig Keefner

This is the last call for PaySurF orders at the 20% discount rate for the January Sale.

If you missed the Email Offer, contact [email protected] before the 24th January to place your order on any PaySurF product for 20% off the current listed price.

This offer includes the quantity price breaks, so look carefully as you could save some serious cash.

Current pricing is at www.windowkiosk.com/order - check the PaySurf products listings.

Watch out for 2 great new products coming your way in February.

  1. PaySurF V2 with many new enhancements
  2. KFTP - Fully Automated Kiosk Update Software Waits in the background on your kiosk until a specified Day, or Time. Logs on to your FTP Site to find its required files. Compares files held on FTP site with locally held files. Downloads only the files it does not already have. Stores new files in locally held folders. Upates files to operational folders safely on kiosk reboot. Kiosks can be configured by Zip/Postal Code or Category to download information for that location.

Kiosks can be additionally configured to download globally for every kiosk in your organization.
Ideal for NetShift or any other NetKiosk application

Call us now on +44 1249 466908 or email [email protected]


Mick Graham
[email protected]
WindowKiosk.com Limited
Phoenix House, Palmer Street 
Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 0DT, UK
Tel: +44 (0)1249 466 908
Fax: +44 (0)1249 466 909 
Pay-As-You-Go Internet Access Systems
using Coin, Credit Card & Bill Reader
Integrating seemlessly with NetShift PBI

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