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WildTangent Launches Beta of its 3D Audio Driver Plug-In for Sonique and Winamp players.

Free SDK allows web developers to create custom visualizations.

Redmond, January 25, 2000: WildTangent announced today the beta release of its latest product, the WildTangent audio driver, a visual plug-in for the popular Sonique and Winamp audio players. Consumers can download the free 900K plug-in, complete with four visualizations, from the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com/products. Visualizations authored for the WildTangent audio driver are compatible with both Sonique and Winamp players as well as others to be announced.

Al-Riaz Adatia, Director of Technology for Sonique commented, "Sonique is all about a stimulating user experience. Wild Tangent's audio driver gives everyone the opportunity to express his or her creativity with a Sonique visualization. WildTangent's powerful set of tools will ensure a fresh, exciting experience for the next generation of users."

Popular audio players such as Sonique are well-known for the broad range of graphics, "visualizations," available for download off the web, however visualizations can only be created by experienced Windows developers, limiting the number of developers who can create them. The WildTangent Audio Driver software development kit (SDK) enables anyone with a little scripting experience (JavaScript, Java, J++, Visual Basic, VB Script) to create their own graphic visualizations for the Web that work with both Sonique and Winamp players. Complete with online tutorials, references, sample visualizations, and extensive documentation, the free WildTangent SDK offers musicians and avid music fans a simpler way to customize visualizations and build their own graphic environment for their Sonique or Winamp audio players. WildTangent will be announcing support for additional streaming audio players in the future.

"WildTangent is setting a new standard for visual music," stated Libby Dunkin, WildTangent's program manager for the Audio Driver product. "Visualizations add another dimension to your music, they bring your music (and computer) alive with hypnotic textures that dance to the music, colors that change with the tempo or an interactive experience where you explore the animated musical world. WildTangent's visualizations are unique in that they open the creation of visualizes to a broader market of developers.

Web-developers and audiophiles can now create and deliver real-time graphic animations with their songs without having to be a Windows programmer." The WildTangent Audio Driver takes the audio stream and analyzes the music data, breaking it down into frequency information. That information is made available to the developer to assign data, using Java, JavaScript or VB Script, to the various objects and textures creating a three-dimensional and interactive graphic experience. Developers can download the free Audio Driver SDK from WildTangent's Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com.

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Founded in 1998, WildTangent is a privately-held company located in Redmond, Washington and pursues the vision of building a richer, more communicative Internet experience through the use of 3D graphics, sound, animation, and interactivity. The full version of WildTangent audio driver is expected to launch in late Spring and the company will be releasing several additional products in the coming months. Additional product information, as well as product showcases, is posted on the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com.

Note to editors: For more information regarding WildTangentÒ and WildTangentÒ technologies, contact: Alyson Robin, Director of Marketing at WildTangent, 425.882.7963, ext. 31 or visit the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com. All third-party products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.


Just a quick note on WildTangent's current activities… This release went out this afternoon, feel free to give me a call if you have additional questions. You can download the audio driver beta for a test drive at http://www.wildtangent.com/download/adriver/index.php3.

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