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"New Moons" Over Miami
Factura Kiosks Helping World Interactive Network Change the Face of Advertising

The 17 new luminous objects one can see throughout Miami's International Airport are digital display enclosures housing 42-inch plasma screens that comprise the World Interactive Network (WIN) airport advertising network-a high-profile element of the airport's recent renovation.

The advertising channel is the latest application of PrivateTV, a customized network developed by WIN (Miami, FL) that is revolutionizing the way advertisers are reaching their prime demographic groups.

Commissioned by Sky Sites (New York, NY), a national marketing and advertising firm specializing in airport marketing, the WIN-D2 (Digital Diorama) System-a PrivateTV application-was developed by WIN, and is comprised of NEC Technologies (Itasca, IL) plasma screens, and Factura Kiosks (Rochester, NY).

Located at high-traffic locations within the airport, the WIN-D2 System is designed to maximize the impact of advertising messages. Key to its operation is the software that runs the system, developed by WIN, as well as the network's unique plasma screen displays.

A deep format screen wasn't an option in airport settings, where strict regulations govern wall-mounted displays. The regulations vary from facility to facility, but, according to Scott Evans, product manager, direct view displays for NEC, they typically allow only 5-inch depth. "The 42-inch screens used by the WIN-D2 System," he says, "are only 3 inches deep."

Factura Kiosks designed a custom plasma screen enclosure that met the strict regulations governing wall-mounted displays while eliminating another inch or so from the depth of the display.

"That may seem small in itself," says Evans, "but considering the application, it's a huge space savings."

Eleven of the enclosures installed are pedestal-mount, wall-secured units, and the other six are pedestal-mount, floor-secured. The enclosure itself is constructed of brushed stainless steel for a high-tech look that blends well with the aesthetic of most airports, while providing durability and added security."

According to Rod Wehnau, project manager at Factura for the WIN program, this was the first instance in which kiosks were built for the flat plasma screens.

"What the network needed," he continues, "was a simple, rugged, modular design that would stand up to the traffic in areas of use-while also enabling the easy interchangeabilty and maintenance of displays."

According to Karen Bezold, marketing director at WIN, that's precisely what was delivered. "Factura has been a key contributor," says Bezold, "in making sure the screens we place blend perfectly with the environment they serve. Their execution of mechanical and aesthetic requirements was an essential part of the network's implementation process."

The Miami installation represents an expansion of the WIN-D2 Advertising Network-which has been running at Washington's Ronald Reagan National Airport since August of 1997, with the same principals involved. Since its inception, NBC, US Airways, NationsBank, and Jeep/Eagle have been major users of the network.

The WIN-D2 Advertising Network runs 17 hours a day-continuously when the airport is active. "The reliability of the system is extremely high," says Bezold, "and this goes back to the technical issues we've worked on with Factura."

One of the factors that WIN must attend to with the use of the plasma screens is heat build-up. Systems work reliably within a certain operating temperature range; and because they are encased, a potential problem is posed unless the casing or kiosk design takes this heat buildup into account.

"We've worked closely with Factura on this," says Bezold, "and they've helped us eliminate the concern. That's been a key to the highly reliable performance of the system."

According to Thomas G. Abraham, president and ceo, WIN, the relationship with Factura is an important ongoing one as WIN continues its development of products. "We share information and expertise with each other as new products and concepts are being discussed," she concludes. "This serves both partners as we look to serve and expand our markets with exciting new technology like that now on display in Washington and Miami."



Factura Kiosks is the world's largest and most experienced provider of kiosk enclosure and touchscreen products. Located in Rochester, NY, Factura is a division of MicroTouch Systems, Inc., Methuen, MA (NASDAQ: MTSI).

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