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CeBIT 2000: friendlyway futurelab presents a Linux/Java strategy. In the future, friendlyway products will be offered as thin clients or Java-based.

Munich, 31.01.2000. During this year’s CeBIT, friendlway futurelab will present its Linux/Java strategy for the first time to the general public. Within this framework, a whole series of so-called thin clients and Java products will be presented. For example, a thin client version of the Virtual Branch has been completed. The Virtual Branch permits the presentation of Internet pages in public places. Further, in the course of this year, the Java-based Full Screen Internet Video Conferencing system will be completed. The Talking Product Shelf, which was introduced last year, will also be Linux/MP3-based. In addition, we have introduced music on demand and video on demand Internet applications in connection with CD recorders for trade purposes to our product range.

By pursuing our strategy of offering all our Internet products to be platform-independent, we are not only developing a greater market, we are also able to drastically cut our prices, explained the head of the friendlyway futurelab, Horst Kessler.

Friendlyway AG has specialised on friendliness in customer communication on the Internet and in retail trade, and markets Internet solutions for this purpose.

Due to the job cuts in the last few years, customers hardly receive any sales assistance, especially in large department stores. Therefore, in comparing manufacturers, customers decide to take the cheaper product without being informed about its true qualities. In addition, according to several GfK surveys, 60-80 % purchase decisions are actually made in the shops. This is why friendlyway offers manufacturers Internet solutions with which they can convince their customers directly in the stores at low cost. The Virtual Sales Assistant, for example, only costs DM 98/day (for six months) in comparison to DM ca. 300/day for a real sales assistant. Other solutions include the Speaking Product Shelf, with a direct telephone hotline connection from the shelf to the manufacturer’s call centre, or the Virtual Branch with which Internet providers can directly access their customers (e.g. florist delivery service at the airport).

Friendlyway AG plans to float on the Neue Markt. Feel free to visit the friendlyway AG stand at the CeBIT in Hall B, Stand A35. If you wish further information, please contact Mr. Stütz Tel.: ++49 89/95 97 91 55, Fax ++49 89/95 07 91-40 or [email protected] Please also visit the friendlyway homepage: www.friendlyway.com

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