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New Product Release

The E-tailer




  1. Stunning appearance
  2. Ergonomic design
  3. Fingerprint identification
  4. Smart card writer/reader
  5. Proximity detector
  6. Video Camera
  7. Touchscreen
  8. Thermal ticket printer
  9. Infrared laptop port
  10. Internet ready
  11. Full multimedia
  12. Small footprint
  13. Armrests for user comfort
  14. Energy saving
  15. Rugged

The E-tailer provides a smart solution for tomorrow's demanding public kiosk scene, allowing operators to offer a valuable public service for increased revenue. The E-tailer is the ideal kiosk for any retail situation - shopping malls, department stores, bars, restaurants, service stations.

The E-tailer can be used in all internal environments, supervised or semi-supervised. It's design, while highly robust, is slim and elegant and enhances any location. It uses the least amount of floor-space and the stand itself is very stable, even if not secured athe base. An ergonomic front face with armrests maximises user comfort during operation.

The E-tailer provides a fingerprint authentication function to verify the customer's identity (including the card and account details). Combined with the E-tailer is a quality thermal printer with an auto paper cutter for hard copies of e-mails, vouchers, maps, tickets etc, and a proximity sensor activated by the approach of a new user into the kiosk controlling position (offering energy saving or a greeting from the kiosk). The proximity detector could change the screen from advertisements for general on-lookers to the initial user welcome screen.

For more information visit our web site at www.websprinter.com >


WhatsHot Companies News Products Features Help
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