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Consortium of Multinational Oil Companies Secure their Extranet with
advanced security products from SSE

SSE - A Siemens Company, specialising in secure e-business solutions, has
partnered with Fellesdata, a leading Nordic IT solution provider, to address
the security needs of a multinational oil consortium. The consortium
consists of Norway's largest oil companies; Norske Hydro, Saga Petroleum and
major global players such as Statoil, Shell, British Petroleum and Amoco. By
using SSE's award winning Secure e-mail plug-in, TrustedMIME® for Lotus
Notes and MS-Outlook, and Fellesdata Trust Centre as a Trusted Third Party
Service, they have created a highly secure Extranet. 

These dynamic companies maintain their competitive-edge by investing in
innovative technology. Industry-wide oil exploration projects involve
combining the unique skills, research and development expertise and
exploration efforts of leading oil companies. By pooling resources for
specific exploration projects "virtual" lines of communication and
communication networks are established via an Extranet, called "Secure Oil
Information Link" (SOIL). This allows flexible and timely sharing of highly
sensitive information relating to the oil exploration project for all
project members, in a secure manner. 

The Secure Oil Information Link (SOIL) Extranet has benefited these
companies enormously. SOIL has simplified business communication and
enhances co-operation initiatives. By using SSE's Secure Internet mail
plug-in TrustedMIME, a sound foundation for SECURE electronic co-operation
is provided. Moreover, SOIL acts as a new virtual market place for new
services to the Petroleum industry. 

TrustedMIME® offers an extremely cost-effective means of establishing a
highly secure channel for internal and external business communications. It
is a user-friendly, e-mail security solution that guarantees complete
confidentiality and integrity of e-mail messages and file attachments, by
providing strong 128-bit encryption technology. The strength of the
cryptography is essential when sending sensitive corporate data over the

TrustedMIME is compliant with S/MIME, the industry de facto standard for
secure mail over the Internet. The solution allows users to encrypt and
digitally sign messages, protecting sensitive data, while also ensuring
complete message integrity and authentication. Furthermore, the flexible
design of TrustedMIME ensures that it supports a variety of Trust Model
configurations, e.g. SSE's highly scalable TrustedCA®.

TrustedMIME, can be seamlessly integrated with standard e-mail packages,
Microsoft Outlook (97/98), Microsoft Exchange (V4/V5), Lotus-Notes (V4.6).
TrustedMIME has been optimised for use with Outlook 98 and in addition,
offers automatic certificate expiry handling, support for non-standard X.509
certificate extensions and a range of new TrustedMIME/Corporate features. 

TrustedMIME/Corporate allows an organisation to customise TrustedMIME to
implement its security policy. Using TrustedMIME/Corporate, an organisation
can define and enforce an enterprise-wide policy for secure email, reducing
administration costs and offering user-friendly, pre-configured secure email
to employees. 

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, SSE, a Siemens company, is a leading
provider of state-of-the-art security solutions for e-business environments.
Acknowledged globally as leaders in military messaging, SSE's expertise in
advanced software solutions for Secure E-Business Communications is
unparalleled. In addition to TrustedMIME®, SSE's portfolio of products
include TrustedWeb®, an advanced Intranet/Extranet security solution,
TrustedWeb Lite, providing strong Web Security, TrustedDoc allowing for
documents to be digitally signed and time stamped, TrustedCA®, a
Certification Authority product, TrustedEDI, a security toolkit for EDI
applications and X.400-MIL, a market-leading Military Messaging product to
NATO standards. SSE's advanced software technology is designed, developed
and supported by a world class technology team and is marketed globally by
Siemens and via a network of strategic partners, distributors and re-sellers.

Saga Petroleum ASA (NYSE:SPM) 
Shell (NYSE:SUO7B02)
British Petroleum (NYSE:BPA)

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