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News Release

Qi Supplies Smart Card Readers For Tobacco Industry

Fri, Feb 4, 2000, Vancouver, BC
C.D.N.X. : QTC.V

James D. Roberts, President and CEO of QI Technologies Corp., is pleased to announce that the company has entered into an agreement under which QI will supply a Smart Card control system for dispensing tobacco products. A detailed joint news release will be issued shortly.

The QI Cash Card readers supplied in this case are another application of the SmartKit control system developed by QI Technologies. "This application highlights the flexibility and potential of SmartKit readers for innovative control applications", said Rick Murray, Senior VP of QI.

QI Technologies designs, manufactures and markets smart card readers that allow the use of e-cash payment systems including those of Visa Cash and Mondex, support for Multos cards and Visa Open Platform cards, for private label cards and for loyalty applications. The global market for QI's SmartKit* readers includes over 15 million vending machines together with millions of payphones, ticket dispensers, laundromat and gaming machines. QI technologies have partnered with Marconi Communications to distribute the proprietary SmartKit reader worldwide


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