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Siemens Computer Systems launches SCENIC 300 desktop and SCENIC 500
minitower PCs

 Cost-effective & reliable performance PCs aimed at small and medium sized

 Designed in Europe for the European market

Siemens Computer Systems, Europe's leading computer company, has launched
the SCENIC 300 and SCENIC 500, two new performance-driven, cost-effective
PCs for small and medium sized businesses. Both systems are designed to
offer best-in-class reliability, and be as economical and future-proof as
possible without compromising on performance, and are fully pre-configured
with Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows NT operating systems and optional
Microsoft Office software - providing SMEs with a reliable platform for
day-to-day office applications on a standalone desktop or in network

Designed in Europe for the European user, Siemens Computer Systems has
developed the SCENIC 300 and 500 to address the requirements of the smaller
business customer for simplicity, reliability and economy, while maintaining
above average performance. Siemens PCs feature one of the lowest Total Cost
of Ownership figures in the industry thanks to high quality build,
best-of-class components and fast and simple maintenance. This introduces
new levels of cost-effectiveness for smaller business PCs, with significant
savings in time and money realised over the lifecycle of the system. SCENIC
300 and SCENIC 500 PCs are priced from 499 ex VAT.

The SCENIC 300 is a space-saving desktop design while the SCENIC 500
features a compact minitower chassis. Both systems are assembled on a
modular basis, which makes it easier for companies to maintain and upgrade
their systems: with plug-in boards and disks, all major components can be
swapped in a matter of seconds. Siemens' modular approach also makes it easy
for customers to choose the exact configuration that meets their needs:

Chassis, motherboard & RAM
The SCENIC 300 desktop chassis has five drive bays and four expansion slots,
while the SCENIC 500 minitower offers four drive bays and four expansion
slots. Both systems feature a custom-designed Siemens Micro-ATX motherboard
supporting 66MHz and 100MHz Front Side Bus. Customers can specify the amount
of RAM from 32MB to 256MB.

Intel Processors
Each system has options for Intel Celeron processors and Intel Pentium II
processors. The SCENIC 300 and 500 will also support Intel's Pentium III
processor at speeds of up to 500MHz. 

Operating system & software
Microsoft Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 Workstation are preinstalled as
standard, and Microsoft Office 97 Small Business Edition is optionally
available on small business solutions.

Graphics system
Options on each model include the 4MB Matrox G100, 8MB Matrox G100
Productiva or the 4MB ATI Rage IIC graphics cards for excellent 2D and 3D
business performance. 

Storage system
Both the SCENIC 300 and SCENIC 500 are available with IDE hard disks ranging
in size from 4.3GB to 12.9GB, and all models are equipped with a 3.5" floppy
disk drive. Customers can also expand their storage with optional SuperDisk,
Zip, CD-ROM, CD-RW (re-writable) and DVD-ROM drives.

About Siemens Computer Systems
Siemens Computer Systems is the leading European supplier of information
technology, and forms part of the Siemens Information and Communication 
Products Group. The company offers the industry's broadest range of computer
systems from a single supplier, ranging from home computers and Net PCs
through to notebooks, desktops, workstations, high-end servers and mainframe
systems. In addition to its comprehensive range of hardware products,
Siemens Computer Systems is focused on delivering platforms for solutions in
key business areas including e-commerce, data warehousing and SAP R/3.

The Siemens Information and Communication Products Group is a significant
part of the DM50 billion turnover Siemens Information and Communications
business segment. This new business was formed on the 1st October 1998 in
response to the growing requirement for converged IT and communications
products, solutions and services.

For more press information
Please contact:

        Rebecca Hartley
        Press Relations
        Siemens Computer Systems
        Tel:  01252 555396
        [email protected]

For further information about Siemens Computer Systems, please visit our web
site at www.siemens.co.uk/cs

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