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Degasoft's first Kudos Training Seminar of the New Millennium

The first Kudos Training Seminar of the new Millennium will be on March 8-9, 2001 in Reykjavik, Iceland. This two-day seminar is an excellent foundation for people who want to start a kiosk project. After the two days you will understand why so many are turning to Kudos.

To better be able to provide quality service only few seats are available, which will be reserved on first come basis.

Two of Degasoft's kiosk software specialists, Tomas and Thordur, will provide hands-on guidance for getting to know Kudos and how to fully benefit from all of Kudos' features.

Other focuses will be on how to plan and implement a kiosk network and how to automate the network, as well as management of kiosks and applications.

The end of this training seminar will be a huge surprise for some and an even bigger adventure for others.

You've got to see it to believe it!

For more information regarding the Kudos Training Seminar held in Reykjavik contact: [email protected]


WhatsHot Companies News Products Features Help
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