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March 7, 2001, 10:0O EST

Contact:  Larry Mahar   
          Exec VP Marketing

TouchVision to Showcase Retail Technology in the Store of the Future Exhibit at GlobalShop

Cypress, CA, March 7, 2001 TouchVision is participating as a major sponsor and technology integrator for the "Store of the Future" centerpiece exhibit at GlobalShop 2001 in Chicago this month. Display & Design Idea magazine, producer of Global Shop 2001, has selected Herschman Architects as this years' designer for their 'Store of the Future' exhibit. "The challenge is to develop a concept which represents our perception of the next step in the evolution of retail design and technology", said Dushan Bouchek of Herschman Architects. TouchVision was chosen by Herschman Arcitects to develop and integrate several retail technologies to be showcased in their futuristic retail store exhibit.

The Store of the Future exhibit named, "Buyometrics - The Smartwear Company", is a high-tech multi-channel shopping experience. A unique customer loyalty system is demonstrated utilizing face recognition biometrics for customer identification to establish a one-to-one customer relationship. Visitors to the exhibit will be able to experience the process of using face recognition technology to enroll into a loyalty database at remote wireless enrollment stations. As the same visitor uses one of ten TouchVision interactive shopping stations situated inside the Buyometrics store, a camera mounted on each shopping station captures an image of the customer and immediately identifies them and presents a personalized message.

The customer can then proceed to shop using the Internet-enabled touch screen interface to view a selection of jackets and quickly see what sizes and colors are available. The user can select a desired jacket to add to a shopping cart and request to try it on in the Buyometrics changing room. The order is transmitted to a stock room where the ordered product is delivered via a pneumatic delivery system to one of two changing rooms where they can see how they look on an electronic plasma screen mirror. They can email an image of themselves wearing the new jacket to a friend over the Internet using a Perceptual Robotics web cam system.

In addition, wireless hand held devices will be used to demonstrate how these devices can also be used in the brick and mortar retail environment. "TouchVision is pleased to have the opportunity to show how the best of the Internet and traditional retail converge into the future shopping experience", said Larry Mahar, Exec VP of Marketing for TouchVision. Other technology sponsors include Dell Computers, DFI, SeePoint, Intel, Symbol Technologies, Perceptual Robotics, Mobilgates and NEC.

About TouchVision
TouchVision, Inc. (www.touchvision.com) is the best-of-breed solution provider for building and managing interactive appliance networks and wireless commerce solutions for the retail and healthcare industries. TouchVision builds networks of interactive devices that connect to the Internet to deliver information, commerce and services to a location. Interactive devices can be Internet access appliances, plasma display screens, kiosks, and other types of special function machines. TouchVision provides a complete solution, including interactive network operational software, creative design, application development, system integration, and remote interactive system network management and support services.


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