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KioskCom 2002 Orlando

Well, we just got back from KioskCom Orlando and I know many of you were there and know how it was but there are those who were unable to make it and we plan on giving you a complete rundown on it.

For now let me say, It Was Great!. Sure, there weren't as many people there but that was to be expected with the current travel restrictions. Fact is, that in a way proved to be one heckuva filter as the people who were there were the "serious bunch". Extremely qualified and very interested. I spent a half a day with British Telecom, I spoke with Walmart and they joined as a member of the Association, so did the US Postal Service and HUD. I think that right there pretty much covers my enthusiasm.

The venue was top notch and the seminars were outstanding.

For now, I want to congratulate Lawrence Dvorchik and KioskCom on a very well done show. It was the best yet, and the best is yet to come, right Lawrence!



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