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SAN DIEGO, March 18 /PRNewswire/ -- Greenland Corporation (OTC 
Bulletin Board: GLCP) today announced the successful completion of beta 
testing on its first, production ready, automated check-cashing 
machine.  The machine, a freestanding kiosk with automated payroll 
check-cashing capability, full ATM functionality, and money order 
dispensing services was installed in a multi-service food market, La 
Loma Market, in Santa Ana, California. 

Lee Swanson, CEO of Check Central, the wholly-owned subsidiary of 
Greenland that has developed this technology, indicated that the base 
machine functionality was tested in the areas of scanner, printer, 
money dispenser, camera, card reader and telephone efficiency.  Mr. 
Swanson said, "Based on hundreds of transactions, the machine has 
performed superbly.  The machine's functionality has been excellent and 
has exceeded our performance expectations during the beta test period. 
In addition, utilization of the machine's services through the 
multi-lingual touch screen system has been received most favorably by 
the customer." 

John Abajian, owner of La Loma Market, said word of the machine is 
spreading, "a lot of store owners are coming here and looking, and 
asking me a lot of questions."  He also said customers in the past 
asked him to cash paychecks.  He never knew if the checks would bounce 
-- and keeping a lot of cash on hand was dangerous. 

Lou Montulli, CEO of Greenland Corporation, has indicated that there 
has been widespread national interest by individuals and groups in 
purchasing or acquiring right to distribution of the machine.  He 
expects a national distribution agreement to be concluded in the next 
thirty days. 

SOURCE  Greenland Corporation 

03/18/99 /CONTACT:  Ed Sano, Investor Relations, Managing Director of 
Greenland Corporation,


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