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It's bigger, smaller, lighter and heavier…… right?

Let's run that again!.. The new bigger value, smaller footprint, lighter weight, heavy duty STORM 2200 Series keyboard is launched at the Kiosk.com trade show in April.

The recognized gold standard for kiosk keyboards just got better. A new modular tooling system enables STORM to offer their keyboard technology (originally developed for use by the British defense industry) in a wider range of sizes and formats. These new formats have been specially designed to address the unique requirements of the kiosk industry.

Recognizing that many kiosk applications require a compact keyboard that will survive unsupervised public use, STORM set to work adapting their proven keyboard technology. Their goal was to produce a smaller, more concisely formatted keyboard into which kiosk users would be happy typing their e-mails. Touch screens are not considered to be the most suitable data entry system for kiosks offering e-mail or applications requiring sequences or 'strings' of characters to be entered by the user.

The challenge faced by STORM's design team was to produce a highly responsive keyboard, with the minimum number of keys required to comfortably and intuitively enter text based information. To achieve this they were directed to eliminate keys with functions that are rarely used or understood by the kiosk pounding public. Ease of operation for those who are partially blind or with impaired dexterity was a primary objective. An often overlooked but essential requirement for any kiosk keyboard is the ability to survive rough use, abuse and regular sanitation procedures. A certified IP65 (nema 4) rating and unprecedented levels of vandal resistance have been achieved by STORM.

These were just a few of more than 50 design and performance enhancements demanded by the project team. The result is a superbly crafted product, acclaimed by one leading kiosk manufacturer as "The ultimate kiosk keyboard. The one our customers insist we use". If you are serious about building kiosks be sure to see and touch one of the new 2200 Series Keyboards from STORM Data Entry Technology www.storm-keypads.com …..Tough keyboards, for tough environments!


WhatsHot Companies News Products Features Help
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