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For Immediate Release

Contact: Robert Gallner, V.P. Sales & Marketing
Phone: (954) 252-5728
Fax: (954) 252-5786
Email: [email protected]


FORT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA (March 20, 2001) - CyberTotems, a full service developer and manufacturer of interactive multimedia kiosk systems, is pleased to introduce its "Public Internet Solution" at the NAMA 2001 Spring Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada.

CyberTotems is a full service developer and manufacturer of interactive multimedia kiosk systems. With headquarters based in Portugal, CyberTotems has recently established a state-of-the-art sales office and showroom in South Florida, and has also opened a facility in Brazil. This international structure allows CyberTotems to quickly take advantage of the latest developments in software, hardware and communications technologies on both sides of the Atlantic.

The company's extensive industrial metalworking operations give CyberTotems the capability to produce high quality, low cost kiosk enclosures in almost any standard or custom design. On the technical side, CyberTotems' team of software professionals can design a complete application based on the desired outcome of a project. As a turnkey provider of multimedia business solutions, the company offers a full range of services including concept design, storyboard and menu logic, graphic presentation, text, programming, network and marketing support.

Totem.Easyweb and Totem.Phone are two of CyberTotems' new applications specifically designed for public Internet and telephone use. These programs offer comprehensive software solutions for telecom applications, and include functionalities such as web surfing,

browse by category, E-mail, street maps, yellow pages and phone calls.

Visit the CyberTotems Booth #1261 at the NAMA 2001 Spring Expo. For more information on CyberTotems' products and services, visit their website at www.cybertotems.com or e-mail to [email protected].



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