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The Bombay Company to showcase desktop solution for browser-based store systems at Retail Systems 2000

"TaskCenter" implementation leads specialty retailer to enhanced operations and a path for future functionality


April 12, 2000

LONDON, ON - At America's leading retail technology show, specialty retailer The Bombay Company will host a presentation outlining its highly successful project to enhance inter-store communications, customer service, inventory management and sales analysis under a new task-centric desktop environment. Using the TaskCenter desktop development platform, the program was part of the company's initiative to migrate its DOS-based legacy Point-of-Sale system into a new Windows NT environment.

The presentation will be featured at the Retail Systems 2000 conference, the technology showcase opening in Chicago on April 16.

Donna Arnold, Vice President - Information Systems, together with Susan Bunnell, Director-MIS, will describe how The Bombay Company partnered with the developer of TaskCenter, Trademart Technologies Inc., to create an innovative, task-oriented application for its 412 stores.

"We were looking for a solution we could deploy quickly that would offer real-time inventory access, improved customer responsiveness, and streamlined operations via communications (e-mail)," said Arnold "TaskCenter has given Bombay a 'plug and play' application that allows us to expand customers' options."

Because TaskCenter integrates DOS, Windows and Unix applications under a common user interface, it allows existing applications to co-exist with new technologies and provides a path for future development.

The Retail Systems 2000 Conference and Exhibition is a showcase for the latest retail technologies. The show is taking place April 16 - 19 at McCormick Place in Chicago. The Bombay Company's talk, entitled "Designing Locked-down, Browser-based Store Systems", is scheduled for April 18 at 8:30 a.m. as part of a Store Innovator series. Trademart Technologies Inc., the company behind TaskCenter, will also attend the conference as participants in the exhibits by both Compaq and Microsoft.

TaskCenter 1.1 for Windows 2000 is a component-based desktop management application that "locks down" the Windows operating environment and keeps users on task. Regardless of the end-user need, TaskCenter provides workers a safe, reliable and controlled working environment. "One of the great strengths of TaskCenter is its flexibility," says David Campbell, Trademart's Vice President of Partner Services. "TaskCenter can easily adapt to serve the needs of virtually every industry, from retail to healthcare to financial services -- and it's an ideal solution for the Application Service Provider Industry."


About The Bombay Company, Inc.

The Bombay Company, Inc. is a specialty retailer based in Fort Worth, Texas. The company markets classic and traditional furniture, prints and accessories through a network of 412 Bombay stores in the United States and Canada, through mail order operations and over the Internet at www.bombayco.com

About Trademart Technologies Inc.

Trademart Technologies Inc. is a world leader in component-based development for transaction-based systems. Trademart's, Objectives for Retail answers the market's need for highly scaleable, Web-enabled software to meet the needs of B2B and B2C commerce. TaskCenter is Trademart's "go-to" product for Windows desktop management, design and lockdown. TaskCenter's unique feature set also provides "instant integration" of legacy, Windows and Web applications within the same end-user workspace. Trademart is a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider with extensive experience in providing solutions to the Global Retail Community. Product information on Objectives for Retail and TaskCenter is provided on the Trademart Technologies web site at www.Trademartgroup.com.


For information, contact:

Trademart Technologies Inc.

David H. Campbell

(519) 672-0251, ext. 242

[email protected]


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