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WildTangent-powered game featured on Microsoft's MSN Game Zone 'Tacoma Adrenaline' racing game, an advertising venture between Microsoft and Toyota to promote the Tacoma truck series, launches on Zone.com

Redmond, WA, May 5, 2000: Microsoft recently announced the release of its latest online game, "Tacoma Adrenaline" featured on the MSN Game Zone at http://www.zone.com. The game, created by WildTangent using the WildTangent Web Driverô, is one of several WildTangent games to be featured on several major portals in the coming months.

WildTangent's Web Driver enables Web and game developers to create and deliver leading edge multimedia content via the Internet using standard scripting languages. The Web Driver software development kit enables developers to take advantage of a user's hardware acceleration to display graphically rich content. In doing so, Web developers can easily create and incorporate rich advertising, entertainment and gaming content that scales to a user's system.

"The WildTangent technology lets us give Zone.com visitors a great game and advertisers, like Toyota, an interactive entertainment experience that showcases their product," said Dean Hachamovitch, Product Unit Manager for the MSN Gaming Zone.

WildTangent will empower online retailers, major advertisers and ad agencies to take advantage of this new advertising and retail medium. "It is our belief that we are creating an entirely new medium for online retailers and Web advertisers," stated Alex St. John, CEO of WildTangent. "Imagine the 'stickiness' retailers can create by allowing users to interact directly with their products. In addition, advertisers are again confronted with the need to find a new advertising medium that will allow them effectively capture their customers' mind share. We feel that our technology addresses both of these issues," states Alex St. John, CEO of WildTangent. By interfacing directly with DirectX, the WildTangent Web Driver provides unprecedented performance on a Web page, allowing the creation of faster, richer, more interactive content such as Tacoma Adrenaline. The Web Driver also takes full advantage of hardware acceleration, scaling content to an optimal level for each user's machine so that users will experience the same quality of graphics regardless of the speed of their CPU and connection. As a result, interactive multimedia content can be streamed to and cached on a user's machine with minimal wait, allowing for immediate game play. The Tacoma Adrenaline game can be viewed on the MSN Game Zone at http://www.zone.com/adrenaline.

Note to editors:
For more information regarding WildTangent and WildTangent technologies, contact: Paige Young, Public Relations manager, 425.882.7963, ext. 20 or visit the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com. For additional information about the MSN Game Zone, contact Lisa White at 415-433-5381 or via email at [email protected] All third-party products mentioned herein are trademarks of their respective owners.

About WildTangent:
Founded in 1998, WildTangent (http://www.wildtangent.com) is a privately held company located in Redmond, Washington and pursues the vision of building a richer, more communicative Internet experience through the use of 3D graphics, sound, animation, and interactivity. Additional product downloads and information, as well as developer resources, is posted on the WildTangent Web site at http://www.wildtangent.com.


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