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Sydney Arfin
SeePoint Technology LLC
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SeePoint Kiosks Get Vegas Visitors In Touch With New CBS Programming

Las Vegas, Nevada - CBS Television, the network that has America glued to their T.V. screens with hits such as Survivor, will have Las Vegas visitors riveted to interactive touch screens at the newly opened CBS Television City located in the MGM Grand Hotel. Television City is a comprehensive and innovative television research center, located in one of the nation's most vital tourist destinations, designed to provide CBS with a source of continual interaction with its television viewing audience.

The Television City research center will be available to CBS as well as other Viacom-owned properties, which include MTV, Nickelodeon and Showtime, for focus groups, tracking of public opinion on programming and promotions, and other research and development needs. This center will draw on Las Vegas' tourist base of 37 million annual visitors to assist CBS in developing future programming.

T.V. City features two screening rooms, each with large screen plasma displays and twenty-five countertop-mounted interactive touch screen computer terminals designed and manufactured by SeePoint Technology of Torrance, California. Visitors view newly proposed or existing programming from the plasma displays and react to the content from the individual terminals by responding to survey questions. Each SeePoint terminal is linked to the Internet, allowing CBS executives to author questionnaires and track viewer response from remote locations.

In addition to the screening room terminals, CBS has also installed SeePoint's VantagePoint freestanding kiosks in the Television City retail outlet. From the kiosks, visitors may register to win a home theatre system, enabling CBS to collect additional demographic information from T.V. City visitors. A variety of merchandise tied to Viacom's television networks and programming may also be purchased from the VantagePoint kiosks. Additionally, the interactive kiosks provide high-speed access to all of the Viacom Television related websites.

About SeePoint
SeePoint Technology is a leading provider of interactive, Internet-ready, fully integrated kiosk systems. SeePoint designs and manufactures interactive information systems that are ideal for public Internet access, retail services, ticketing systems, public information terminals, customer service applications and Intranet terminals.

SeePoint offers a full line of standard products with a variety of mounting options, all of which may be customized to maximize branding opportunities and integrated with a full range of peripheral devices. SeePoint also offers full service engineering, design and manufacturing services to create custom developed solutions for customers with unique project specifications.

All of SeePoint's kiosks unite design, durability, reliability, flexibility, customizability and modularity to bring Internet based information, commerce and communication to the public. SeePoint terminals are UL and FCC approved and ADA compliant.

SeePoint has provided interactive display solutions to Christian Lassen Art Galleries, Indiana University, the Federal Highway Administration, the Hard Rock Café, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, Neutrogena, Pfizer, Phillips van Heusen and the Washington Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Contact SeePoint Technology at (310) 787-4550 or visit www.seepoint.com for more information.

SeePoint and VantagePoint are trademarks of SeePoint Technology LLC. Other company names herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.


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